Big defeats – how well do Wednesday react?

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The humbling at the hands of Manchester City this week was The Owls’ biggest competitive defeat since Alan Shearer’s five helped...

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Stat’s More Like It: Squeaky bum time is upon us

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While some crucial World Cup qualifiers get played (well, at least where I’m from), and we have to suffer the only annoying thing...

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Stats More Like It: Sheffield Wednesday; Championship challenge accepted

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After too long an absence, Stats More Like It is back to take a good, thorough look at how our Wednesday’s doing according to the...

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Stat’s more like it: Can statistics get Wednesday promoted?

Posted by on Mar 23, 2012 in Featured, Stat's the way | 0 comments

Taking a break from the usual look through team and player stats in League One, this short edition will instead take a quick look at the...

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Stats more like it: What vices threaten to derail Wednesday’s promotion express?

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My last feature in the Stats more like it-series (here) posed the question “Promotion juggernaut with worrisome slant?” In recent weeks...

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Stats more like it: Promotion juggernaut with worrisome slant?

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Stat's the way | 0 comments

We’ve jumped to the brink of automatic promotion, but less than efficient goalkeeping could be a roadside bomb to our promotion...

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