RAMBLE | Brentford 2 – 0 Wednesday

RAMBLE | Brentford 2 – 0 Wednesday

Brentford away is one of the first fixtures that I look out for. The pubs, the friendly welcome and of the last proper old-fashioned terraces in The Championship means it’s a highlight of our season, and in recent years has had the added bonus of late Wednesday goals (although not last season).


This was also the first early start of the season and I was not awake or ready for it after a week off work when I’d been used to sleeping in. I was more concerned about James not appearing as he’d spent the last two days at the Peakender beer festival that Thornbridge do.


Anyway, we were both awake (just) and headed for the station, not before we’d disagreed as to whether today constituted a “shorts day”. With barely 20 degrees forecast and clouds, it was nowhere near a shorts day. Soon enough we got to the station, found a source of caffeine and met James Allen fresh from New York (no, not the Rotherham one) at the station.


To London (via Donny) as the caffeine was starting to kick in. Having said that most of the train were on Coors Light. For once we had no issue with the train journey as we arrived in good time to Kings Cross Station. There the luck with trains ended. Although the platform seemed quite quiet, it soon became apparent that there were people in all the seats, and despite having advance tickets, we had no reservations. Still it was quiet…

We put the world to rights on all things Wednesday in the 90 minutes to London, and agreed that low expectations aren’t necessarily a bad thing even if Mr Chansiri seems to be working on the basis that promotion is realistic this season. The club is not in a good state right now and the players know it. Then you’ve got the succession of PR blunders … the membership, Radio Sheffield, iFollow, FFP or whatever they’re calling it these days and the total lack of long planning.


It’s not a positive picture is it … London is here!


By now I was very hungry and very ready to eat. The plan was to walk a couple of tube stops and inevitably find somewhere. I’m not sure if it was my hunger and impatience but it felt we’d walked half way to Brentford before we found anywhere. There were plenty of places but they weren’t open. We passed more building sites …


Finally, near Covent Garden (which always reminds me of the play off final) and we find somewhere. Although it looks busy.


Table for three, please.


We can do two but not three. We sit at this table where you could easily fit another in. Plus, it was very much on the pricey side. What does a man have to do for some grease? Then, out of nowhere, we realise there’s an Irish pub next door that does a breakfast and coffee for a tenner. Perfect.

It was a good breakfast too apart from this random sausage patty thing, which didn’t taste of much. James’ veggie breakfast for some reason doesn’t have hash browns. But it was food and a last bit of caffeine before heading for the tube and beers in Brentford. Although, it’d be 1pm before we get our first beers, which is late for us, although we’re also working tomorrow. Stupid Sunday kick offs!


To Brentford!

Under pressure?

We arrived at Brentford and soon enough the pub and got stuck into the first beers of the day with Andy, Chris, Jordan and Craig already there. And soon enough the beers were flowing and I was finally starting to get some energy back.


Team news arrived and it looked reasonably positive with Fessi back in the team following an injury scare, and we had the same shape as finished the Hull game, except Fletcher was replaced by Atdhe.


A pint here, a pint there and it was time to head to the ground.




I do like this ground. The view is awful but it’s a proper football ground with one of the best atmospheres in The Championship.


Although as the players came out, Matias came out instead of Reach who must have been injured in the warm up. This also meant that Fessi was playing wide where Reach would’ve been and Matias through the middle. This a little odd as Matias played wide when he first played for us under Carlos. But that was a long time ago now.


I also thought that we got off to a decent start. We weren’t creating much but we were the away team and they seemed to be struggling to get into their normal rhythm. Having said that Watkins on our side was looking threatening and you feared that, like last year, they’d hit their stride and finish us off. We just had to keep it tight. So far so good.


Then an attack and out of nothing their player went past Hutchinson, onto the ground. PENALTY. F**k sake!


Now, I didn’t think it was a penalty live (although it wasn’t in front of us). It looked very innocuous but there were plenty around us who thought it was a clear penalty and you have to ask what Hutchinson was doing making contact.


Anyway, come on Dawson, save it! But it wasn’t to be. 1-0 Brentford. And that was our game plan out of the window. After twenty minutes. We had nothing in response and they controlled the game.


It wasn’t that we gave up. We huffed and puffed but we lacked any real creativity or space. We’re not the same when Fessi is that far wide and has defensive responsibilities.  But then a good move and suddenly Matias is through on goal … this will be 1-1 – back in the ga… saved. B*****ks.


Half time. This lasts a long time when there’s no beer and you can’t even sit down. And even longer when you’re 1-0 down and an inevitable defeat feels on the cards.


And then the inevitable Hutchinson injury (well I assume it was an injury) as he was replaced by Preston (no, I didn’t know who he was either). And we looked very vulnerable. This was not looking good.

Another debut

If it wasn’t for some good defending and Dawson the second would have come earlier. But then a burst forward and Matias is right in front of us at the back post … all he has to do is lift the ball into the net … it went wide.


Then the inevitable. They go up the other end and their winger was in so much space the offside flag seemed certain. He was onside and that WAS 2-0.


That also was game over. We didn’t even look close to getting back in the game. Despite Fletcher coming on for a poor Atdhe. The white flag was waved.


We were more concerned with how we were getting home as the last few trains back to Sheffield were cancelled. That’s fine, we’ll be able to use the Doncaster trains. I’ll just tweet them to confirm. Oh no. It felt like the gods were conspiring to make today dire as they were saying we couldn’t use another company’s trains – we’d have to get a train to Leicester, travel to Nottingham by osmosis and then hope you get there in time for a train to Sheffield!


By the time we’d worked all this out, nothing had happened in front of us and the predictable 2-0 defeat was almost complete. Time to head to the pub.


Once there was debated the best way to get home more than the game, by the time we got our first post-match pint, all trains to Sheffield were cancelled. I decided I wasn’t risking a fine on the Doncaster train or getting the journey from hell via Leicester. I called in a favour and stop on a mate’s sofa and got an early train back.


This away game actually ended at 10.30am the next morning when I finally arrived home, 27 hours after I left.


The day feels like how this season will be. They’ll be beer, good fun with mates and terrible football.

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