RAMBLE | Wednesday 0-1 Wolves

RAMBLE | Wednesday 0-1 Wolves

Sad to say that what follows is more of a rantble than a ramble.

Watching The Wednesday in what should/could have been a season of celebration of our 150th anniversary started badly on and off the field and the game against Wolves is emblematic of the whole affair.

Make no mistake, if you didn’t know who was struggling in the bottom half of the table and who sat gloriously on top, you wouldn’t have been able to tell from the football on display.

Despite a starting XI shorn of key players, we were more than a match for the visitors for the vast majority of the game.

However – and this has become a theme throughout the season – we continue to make basic errors at both ends of the pitch.

Had Reach managed to hit the target after a beautiful passage of play teed him up (albeit on his weaker right foot) inside their box we would have opened the scoring.

Equally, had any pressure been exerted on the player or ball after the half clearance from the free kick which led to their goal then we probably wouldn’t have conceded.

As ever Carlos had a plan B and it had an impact.

I thought Jones sitting at the base of the midfield diamond had one of his best games. Sadly, the same couldn’t be said of Wallace who had possibly his worst.

But, once again, we couldn’t find the net so one goal conceded is generally enough to see us off these days.


What it means to support


As for the boycott brigade perhaps they should remember that in the context of football the word ‘supporter’ is defined as follows: a person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular team.

Here is what some of these ‘supporters’ have felt it appropriate to do this (and, sadly, many previous) season(s):

  • target individual players before, after and, arguably worst of all, during games;
  • attack the manager via social media directly;
  • abuse players directly on Twitter in particular;
  • belittle fellow Wednesdayites for being ‘happy clappers’ if they don’t join in with the chorus of disapproval.

For me the social media meltdown hit its low point earlier this season when the official Facebook account announced the line-up prior to the Leeds home game.

However, the clever wit (and utter idiocy) of those using Einstein’s definition of insanity as a stick to beat Carlos with rather backfired on that occasion and he certainly doesn’t deserve the “clueless” epithet.

Our idiots have been there for years. John Sheridan even got some stick just weeks before he scored the goal that won us our only post-war trophy.

The need for scapegoats has seen a succession of potentially brilliant players reduced to jibbering wrecks and countless talented players never given a chance.

After 42 years as a season ticket holder I have almost had enough.

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  1. Here here!!!! Support means support and I am fed up of the ‘glass is half empty’ attitude!! If they don’t like it, go and support Celtic !

  2. Hear , Hear .

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