RAMBLE: Wednesday 3-1 Forest

RAMBLE: Wednesday 3-1 Forest

I’d been looking forward to this game a bit more than normal.

The international break came at good time for both the team and fans.

It’s fair to say that opinions have been mixed on our season so far, which overall, I think have been unfair. After all it has been our best start under Carlos and we are unbeaten since the opening day defeat at Preston.

Anyway, the break has been welcome and the later kick off meant a slower start to the day, which of course, must start with a good breakfast. I headed to the Brocco on the Park hotel next to Endcliffe, which has been recommended to me recently.

I opted for The Hunter, which is their Full English option, why cafes can’t just call a Full English is beyond me!

Big coat time

Although I was tempted to go for the veggie, the black pudding was too tempting. In the end the breakfast was good and had a perfectly poached egg (a thing of culinary beauty) but the black pudding was small and overcooked.

The forecast for the day was terrible as well, so I opted for the big coat for the first time since about March. It’s always a sad moment when this happens, a true sign that summer is truly over. However, it has the advantage of big pockets!

Soon enough I met up with James and headed for the tram, via a couple of flat viewings, as James is currently flat hunting, which took a lot less time than we anticipated and ended up in the pub an hour earlier than planned!

Normally that wouldn’t be an issue but given the later kick off and that we’d planned to have a few in Kelham Island after the match, we opted to start with a tea and then get move onto beer.

As we got off the tram, I bumped into Adam who instantly recognised James from his recent Channel 5 excursions.

Despite being in Hillsborough at the time, Adam was perversely making his way back to Manchester to watch the game on TV. I was a good catch up and we headed into the pub and ordered two teas.

It did not go down well, to say the least.

“What you ordering that for…. Bloody hell!” came the cry… but we stood firm.

Barman: “How do you like your tea?”

Me: “Strong with only a tiny bit of milk.”

Nothing beats a brew

Then the nervous wait. There’s few things worse than an overly milky tea.

Tea is so easy to make but so often is poor. But thankfully a good tea was delivered and passed James’ Cristiano Ronaldo test.

The tea was good and followed by a pint of Harvest Pale and the always excellent Plum Porter and we decided to shift to the Riverside.

Thankfully the threatened bad weather hadn’t materialised yet and I was starting to feel overdressed with the big coat.

It was also notable how much quieter it felt because of the later kick off. But we were on the equivalent of about half 12 on a normal match day.

We arrived and were the first there so grabbed a table and opted to be inside given the forecast.

Time for a beer

It turned out that Vic was outside but Rich was on his way and wanted a table inside so we decided to stay put. Soon enough we were joined by the London contingent who were up for the game: Matt, Chris, Jamie and Matt’s mate (apologies it was first time I’ve met him and forgotten his name at time of writing).

Rich arrived but decided that he wanted to go downstairs after all – so much for saving the table.

We went downstairs and started to put the world to rights and now the beer was really flowing. Apart from Matt who was on cider as he’s not really a beer person (they do exist apparently) but given we were drinking the Blueberry ale, I thought he might like it and offered a sip.

The pained expression on his face proved that he should stick to the cider.

Team news came out and surprisingly Kieran Lee was back in the middle and the new lad Joost Van Aken was making his debut with Reach in at left back.

And today also marked the first game with the new Thornbridge beers on sale in the ground so we left in time to get one before kick-off.

As we were enroute we saw Kieren who was going to meet us in the Riverside, luckily. We also compared facial hair as we drunkenly agreed to not shave for the next couple of weeks to compare who can grow more. We were very drunk at the time!




We’d been saying before that we needed to play well and get fans’ confidence back, which has been dipped of late. And we didn’t disappoint.

This was vintage Wednesday as of 2015/16.

For the first 20 minutes we totally dominated the ball and could easily have been two up.

The debutant Van Aken was looking very dominant too. All our good play started with him. It was like having Glenn Loovens, but 10 years younger.

Lovely, joost lovely

Forest started to get into gear and it was evident that they are a considerably a better team this year than the team that scraped survival last season. They were confident on the ball and looked dangerous.

But throughout we contained them and you could feel the positive play from Wednesday lifting the fans. And the atmosphere was excellent and importantly, positive.

But we had to make this dominance count.

It was starting to feel like we might have to be patient.

But then, the goalkeeper scuffed his clearance, the ball was intercepted by Bannan who placed a perfect ball for Hooper to turn, shoot and score!!!!!!!!!


The team congratulate Hooper

It almost felt too easy but we didn’t care. We just had to see this out to half time and given we’d contained them so far. But then it wasn’t long until Osborne broke through and levelled for Forrest. Again, it felt a little too easy.

After this the game petered out to half time and it was my turn for half time beer. I left on 42 minutes so I thought that the queues wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong. They were going back almost to the wall to the outside bar on the North Stand.

The new beers were clearly popular. The half time whistle had gone and the others were waiting for me as I inched towards the front. I was almost there when I realised I was started to go down the exit line rather than the actual queue! So I inched back into line.


Whatever mate, just go in front. It’s amazing how grown adults have the maturity of a seven year old.

And then the pale had sold out so we opted the bitter which was ok but a bitter nonetheless. Although it’s a considerable improvement still.




The opening of the second half was much as before but Forest had adapted their shape so it was a little harder to break through.

These two combined to give Wednesday a second lead

There were chances for Hooper and Wallace but the breakthrough wasn’t happening and Forest were looking strong.

Then the game changed. Tom Lees cleared off the line and we countered, ending in a corner.

Lee placed a cross perfectly for Fletcher who placed the ball perfectly in the net!!! GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had to make this count now. This needs to be a strong performance and three points. Forest made some changes and didn’t stop and clearly had something in their locker to get something from the game.

The atmosphere again was brilliant and to be fair to Forest their fans were very vocal all game. But this wasn’t just a great performance from the players, the fans were pitch perfect in supporting the team.

Once Kieran Lee scrambled home the third goal it was game over. Another goal. More hugging and three points secured.

After this Butterfield was given his debut and looked very assured and the win was seen out.

Back to the Riverside for more Blueberry ale!

Sadly Matt had to get straight back for his train to London but everybody else was back in the pub. After one we headed to the New Barrack Tavern for a couple before getting the tram to Kelham Island to finish the night off.

Welcome back Kieran Lee

We were heading into The Shakespeare we noticed a micro pub across the way that we’ve never seen before so headed in there. And suddenly we were drinking with the welsh guy who started it.

Basically, he ended up in Sheffield because of his girlfriend and fancied doing something different.

After a couple there, it was time for an Uber home and drunken KFC.

Bring on Brentford!

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