RAMBLE: Wolves 0-2 Wednesday

RAMBLE: Wolves 0-2 Wednesday

After last season I vowed that I’d never do Wolves away again.

There was only one pub that let away fans in and that was a shit hotel bar that charged £2 to go in.

The rest of Wolverhampton felt more like East Berlin and we lost 2-1 in a dead rubber game. Then I was persuaded to come this year on the basis that we would only be in Wolverhampton for the football itself, we’d spend the rest of the day in Birmingham.

I set off the station to meet James, Tom, Mark and a rare away day appearance from Vic.

We met with no drama and headed for Platform 6, we’d all booked seats, except Vic, who’d got her tickets separately and was praying for spare seats near us.

She’d also been sent an inch thick wad of tickets for the two-legged journey. Those poor forests…




This led to a long ramblely discussion about our the train network, which Mark and I were engaged with but the others were distinctly disinterested…

The train soon appeared and we were on our way to the Midlands. Vic managed to get an aisle seat next to us, albeit reserved until Derby.

We'll see...

We’ll see…

Vic took the seat but was constantly petrified that she was going to get moved. As it was she was fine until Derby, where she was joined by two women who were bent over her and having their own discussions of dressing gowns where in Birmingham they were going shopping. Riveting!

At the same time, the conductor apologised for how busy the train was and started listing all the possible reasons why it might be busy: There’s some football going on today, some people are shopping, or seeing relatives or just fancy a day in Birmingham … it went on and on.

Eventually we reached Birmingham and Vic was free.

The next challenge is navigating Birmingham New Street. It must be the most complicated place on Earth. One wrong turn and you’re lost.

We never seem to come out of the station in the same place. Somehow we managed to work our way out and found the café-bar where we could have breakfast followed by the first pint of the day.

We found the same place we went to before the Birmingham game but deliberately picked a different table, as the other was clearly bad luck.

Five veggie breakfasts later (albeit I added black pudding to mine) and we were on our first pint – a very nice wheat type beer, which tasted like Hoegarden and a lager for Vic (she doesn’t really do real ale). We started discussing rumours of stand or stadium name changes at Hillsborough: the consensus being that we don’t care what they call it, if it means we make key signings.




As nice as this was place, it was very quiet and we didn’t quite have that away day feel, so it was onto the Brew Dog place across the road. We got in and we spent the first five minutes in awe at the choice as Vic waited for us to decide what we were having.

I made my choice and headed downstairs to relieve my coffee and beer filled bladder. Even the toilets in these places are special. They have entire Marvel comics on the walls, which makes more interesting reading whilst relieving than the usual array of adverts.

Super rare ale!

Super rare ale!

I found the others at the table, where Tom and James were waxing lyrical about some limited edition can that was behind the bar. It was £6 for a can! £6 for 330ml but apparently it was worth it.

We were also joined by a couple of others who had spoken to James on Twitter and were Wednesday Week listeners.

This was the first time anybody had taken James’ open invite to join him for a beer. They were also dead ringers for Fessi and Fletcher.

There were a few Wednesday fans as the place started to fill out, who clearly had the same Wolverhampton avoidance technique as we did.

As the atmosphere built, conversation and beer was in full flow. Before long it was 2pm and team news was out. It was the same as last week but Joao and not Fletcher was in for the injured Hooper.

This was clearly a bold move by Carlos, for sure.

I got a couple of bottles for Vic and I the short train to Wolverhampton and we embraced the maze of New Street station again.

A right here, a left there and we got the barriers. Is this the one for “platform 5B?’ I asked. Apparently it was the next one. A left, a right, a left and finally on the platform and on the train. We’re en-route and beers were opened.

Once we got to Wolverhampton, we ended taking a different route to the one from last season that resembled a war torn country. We passed the town centre, which was actually a really nice walk and clocked a good-looking pub on the way.

Continued below.

Away day magic

Away day magic

We got in the ground easily enough, in time for another beer. We met Tom’s cousin Max who was on his own today so we decided to squeeze him in with us. As we got to our seats it was a tight squeeze but we got away with it.




Wednesday started brightly and it wasn’t long before Fessi was breaching their defence and got a shot on goal.

Once again with Hutchinson in midfield, Wednesday controlled the game and his tireless work releases Bannan further forward. This was like watching Wednesday last season again.

Wolves were getting into the game but Loovens and Lees, reunited were seeing out the threat. Out of nowhere, Fessi broke through and Wednesday were on the attack.

We had the worst possible position to see any of this but Bannan, Joao and Fessi were combining in the box and suddenly Fessi was down. PENALTY!

I hate the feeling immediately after we get a penalty. Once the initial excitement has passed, there’s the dread that it’ll be missed.

When a penalty is given, it’s assumed it’s a goal but we know this isn’t always the case. Once we get one, I assume the worst: it’ll be missed.

Fessi steps up …. SCORES!!!!!!!!!! Mayhem ensues. Like last week at Fulham Wednesday had an early lead.



Wednesday continued to dominate with the away end bouncing. Fessi was unstoppable and Wolves were really struggling to cope.

He won the ball again, just inside their half and headed towards goal. Come on Fessi! He finds Joao who looks set to the smash it home, but instead finds Kieren Lee who does smash it home!!! 2-0!!!


This could be the critical difference to last week?

This was becoming our most dominant display of the season. Could Wolves be the huge win we’ve been waiting for? The end of the first half had more chances and Wolves were hardly in the game.

A lovely first half display

A lovely first half display – Wolves 0-2 Owls

It was also my turn for half time beer so I headed down on 40 minutes. This could be tricky as I had requests for six beers in total! Thankfully, Wolves sell beer in plastic bottles so carrying wasn’t an issue.

I saw Mark near the toilets so I headed there as we waited for the others. It’s amazing how quickly it is to lose people in an away end. I saw Tom and shouted him over. It turned out they were looking for me by the bar. Oops.




This game should be over but it only takes a second to score and once 2-0 becomes 2-1, it can all change too quickly. Emotionally I was worried that we’d throw it away. But deep down the logical part of me knew that we were solid at the back and I couldn’t us conceding once, let alone twice, but then you think, what if …

Maybe it was Wednesday’s control of the game. Maybe it was the beer but the second half seemed to pass really quickly and I can’t really recall that many small details.

The one constant was Hutchinson in the middle. He made us play and was critical. And for once he didn’t get booked or injured when playing in midfield.

That said, Wolves had the chances to get back into the game but they either fluffed their lines or were stopped by Westwood.

Suddenly it was almost on 90 minutes and the three points seemed inevitable. Then … stoppage time comes up …. five minutes?!? Where’s that come from? I feared the worst.

I always time stoppage time and was announcing every minute, much to Max’s amusement. I didn’t care. We need this win!

My fears were not to be had and this was a great three points.



We head out with big smiles and decide to head to that good-looking pub was saw on the walk over. We got half way there and thought did we see this before?

We seemed to have taken a wrong turn. We turned a corner and found the pub, which we’re sure would be home fans only … everybody look miserable!!

We did our best sad faces and we were in! We had a couple of celebratory pints before heading back to Birmingham.

By the time we got back to New Street we were pretty spent. Vic went for an earlier train and we settled for a Tesco Meal Deal before getting ours.

We left Birmingham and the other three fell asleep on me. Typical! Oh well, I’ll just plug headphones and dream of three more points on the road.

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