RAMBLE: Birmingham City 2-1 Wednesday

RAMBLE: Birmingham City 2-1 Wednesday

When the fixture list came out this and Villa away were amongst the first I looked for.

OK, it’s meaningless for most Wednesday fans but when you live and work in the West Midlands like I do it suddenly takes on something.

The fact that Sky chose this one for a late kick-off helped my cause to get tickets as some would rather watch on the box than make their way down.

It’s strange to think I’ve been down here nearly a year after a lifetime up north. With a promotion coming my way in June, it gives me a bit of power over when I’m in. I saw little harm in giving myself a long weekend off.

When Saturday morning came I woke up a tad hungover. With a meeting with Japes and co having already been arranged I was running late. The prospect of having a few when I was already hungover and with an empty stomach sounded disastrous but, thankfully, in my drunken stupor the night before I’d left some pizza in the fridge.

Five minutes in the oven and it was ready to go and just as tasty as I vaguely remember – only amateurs nuke pizzas in the microwave.

Cold pizza is the best pizza

Morning after pizza is the best pizza

A quick walk over to the train station and I headed into town to meet Japes, went over to the arranged meeting place only to find that he wasn’t there.

They’d gone somewhere else, fair enough, so I supped up and headed down to Post Office Vaults.

The beers flowed and the football talk commenced, Japes mentioned it was around six years since we did Plymouth away, I still haven’t forgiven him for that.

Japes doomed us to defeat as soon as he uttered the words “there’s no way we can lose” with the scores at 1-1 and Plymouth down to ten men.

In fact Plymouth may have scored that day as soon as the words left his mouth.

Loovens: back at Brum

Loovens: back at Brum

To the now though and the general agreement was our midfield lacked strength despite the skilled personnel there and the defence looked shaky, Loovens over Sasso was the choice to replace the suspended Hutch.

I eventually bid Japes and the others farewell as I’d also arranged to meet up with the West Midlands Owls for a couple of pre-match drinks as well.

The footy talk continued, a couple of lads from Stoke joined us, we told them we were sorry and the Port Vale/Stoke debate began for some reason, most of us chose Vale.

Eventually we made our way over to St. Andrews and settled in for the match.


Wednesday still searching for ‘away’ formula


Most of you will have seen it on TV and it was for the most part very unmemorable so I’ll talk very little about the football and more on the other incidents.

Birmingham had a half shout of a penalty in the first half. Fletcher looked good for the most part until he was taken off because he looked bloody knackered, his back-heel to Hooper to set up the goal was beautiful.

Carlos has still yet to bring the best out of Abdi, whether that’s due to playing him out of position or another issue is unknown to me.

Carlos has yet to find the proper formation/team/formula – whatever you want to call it.

Lee battles for possession

Lee battles for possession

After being the hallmark for consistency Keiren Westwood has made a couple of rash decisions of late, he had no need to give away that penalty, Donaldson was no threat.

The Birmingham winner coming so quickly after we hit the bar stung.

Jutkiewicz was onside, Palmer played him on but Loovens should have been stronger in the build up, Maghoma had the freedom of Birmingham to tee up Jutkiewicz.




First off, the behaviour of some of our fans at St.Andrews.

Despite there being signs that there was to be no alcohol served at half time, some people who made their way into the away end thought aggressively threatening the young lasses serving food into giving them beer was the way forward.

Enter overzealous stewards and the police and we have a bad situation.

I’d made my way to the front of the queue wanting a burger like most football fans but found myself being shoved about by stewards and police because some of our lot can’t behave.

I’ve seen a small number of our fans act like prats before but it’s becoming a weekly occurrence and not a one off.

We have some idiots following us, that being said the stewards and police did very little to defuse the situation. But, given that Wednesday fans were trying to climb over and get themselves food and beer and dismantling some of the signs, I guess that they had little choice.

However police and stewards should not tar every Wednesday fan with the same brush, get the troublemakers, don’t shove around everyone in the vicinity.

Piss poor stuff from both sides.

At least there’s a decent chippy near where I live so that solved the hunger issue.

Secondly, you may have seen the news that Jeremy Hélan is set to retire to devote himself to religion.

That’s a tough decision on his part and I can only wish him the very best in the future and hope he does find happiness. The idiot contingent rose up strong again with their reaction though.

You know what, that defeat stung but given Bristol City you could have seen it coming. What stings me more is the idiot contingent associating themselves with this club.

This WAWAW stuff is all well and good but I wish some of these guys weren’t associated with them.

I get the annoyance about there not being alcohol at half time but is threatening behaviour and trying to climb over to get it really the answer?

Is all this Islamophobic stuff regarding Hélan on Twitter really the way some SWFC fans behave? It’s utterly disgusting.

Gary Megson once dubbed Wednesday fans the most intelligent in the country, we’ve proved you wrong haven’t we Gary?

Meeting up with Japes and co and the West Midlands Owls was great and what football days should be all about. A few drinks, a laugh, light-hearted football chatter and not getting shoved around by police and stewards

Seeing those tweets and the idiotic behaviour has no place in the football experience.

I’ve seen the best and worst of being a Wednesday fan this weekend.

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  1. Totally Agree. Been to all of our away games this season and unfortunately there’s an ever-present collection of idiots that insist on chucking beer around and being aggressive. Had a female friend with me this weekend that couldn’t go to the toilet at HT because those morons were chucking signs around. Embarrassment to the club.

  2. As a Bluenose (Birmingham fan) I must say I really enjoyed reading this D Good. Nicely put together and constructive. I wasn’t at the game being a Northern exile from Brum but watched on TV.
    I am afraid Blues too have their share of idiots, I guess most clubs do.
    Wednesday will be there or there about, playing nice football, so you have a season to look forward to I suspect.
    With best wishes.

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