RAMBLE: Blackburn 2-2 Wednesday

RAMBLE: Blackburn 2-2 Wednesday

Why is it you can never sleep the night before an away day?

No matter when you go to bed on the Friday or whether you take a drunken or sober approach, nothing stops you lying awake thinking of the day ahead.

After little sleep, I got up and prepared a decent match day breakfast.

The breakfast is a critical part of any away day. This isn’t an occasion for granola and yoghurt. In the end I settled on scrambled eggs, smoked salmon with mushrooms. Perfect.

I sent a message to James and Tom to say that I’m doing a beer run and do they want anything fetching? James already had his and Tom was emphatic that he wanted to pick his out.

A proper choice!

A proper choice!

Soon enough it was cooked and eaten, I was off to get some cash and beers for the journey before waiting for Mark to pick us up. At the off-licence they had 2 for £4 on the same honey ale that we’d had at Brentford. We drank it then and won, therefore it’s an acceptable match day beverage.

Maybe it could be lucky match day honey? Then I was struck by a choice.

Is 2 enough I thought? It’s not far to Blackburn, but you don’t want to be left short of beer. Then again, being stuck in a car with a full bladder isn’t much fun. I settled on a safe Belgium Blue as a third.

Sure enough I headed to the rendezvous and Mark turned up in relatively good time (James had predicted that Mark would be 20 minutes late, in the end it was just 10). As we got into the car James was on the phone to Tom. He wants somebody to get some beers for him. P*** right off! After he was SURE he didn’t want me to get any.

James says that we’re not wasting time.

I’ve got some Buds, says Mark, he can have some of those. That’s the price of being disorganised I guess. We went by Tom’s and we were off.

The journey was slow and grey. Does it permanently rain in Lancashire?

As we were sat still and Tom was hungry, he got out of the car and rushed to the boot to get Mark’s hamper of beer, Bud (it’s not really beer, is it?) and sandwiches. The choices were cheese or cheese, with an optional bag of red onion. I do not understand how anybody eats raw onion. But it was good cheese.

Ewood in sight...

Ewood in sight…

As we were nearing Blackburn and putting the world to rights, Mark suddenly exclaims, ‘oh, I’ve gone the wrong way! This was time for the emergency Belgium Blue!’

One Belgium Blue and a petrol station piss stop later, we were at Blackburn, with the ground in sight. We drive along a road that the internet told us would have parking and try to pull into a car park with visible spaces.

“Nurrr. Can’t park ‘ere. Full”.

We drive along to the next where we’re not sure what they said but it was £4 and we could park. It looked more like a caravan park, not that we cared.

As we walked to the ground and in search of a pub, it soon came apparent how cold it was. And it also became apparent that pubs was not an option, so we went straight in the ground. To drink canned Guinness at exorbitant prices. The team was more surprising than the prices, with no Joao – and more surprisingly – Palmer in for Hunt.


We had an awful view on the third row (despite buying the tickets on day 1). Why is it that there’s no way to pick your seats at away games? Why is it the upper tier is sold later, meaning that fans that go every week get the worst seats?

Soon enough out of nothing they got a corner on our near side. It was only a corner but it worried me. Sure enough, the ball went straight to Conway who found the top corner, How can we allow a free header like that?

After this we never quite got into our rhythm and they were well organised. Things potentially got worse soon after as Westwood went down injured and Joe Wildsmith warmed up. Be ok, be ok, be ok ….

After what seemed like age, he was back in the net. Thank christ!

Again we didn’t have any momentum going forward and we were really missing the presence of Hutchinson and Bannan. How critical they’ve become.

We also couldn’t see the time but about 3.40, James went for half time beer.

Then a punt down by Westwood and a good header by Nuihu and we were in the box! Lee ran through and looked through on goal. we couldn’t see much, but the ball ended up with Sougou and it was 1-1!!

GET IN – and out of NOTHING!



Right, focus, see this out to half time and go again.

Then we lost the ball and it resulted in a corner from the same side as the first goal. Come on, now, we MUST defend this.

Sure enough the ball went in, was cleared and their shot from the edge of the box took a deflection to the opposite corner to Westwood and it was 2-1! Idiotic and so soft.

We went down for half time and cursed the situation. The general consensus was that Palmer, Semedo and Nuihu were not up it. It was hard to disagree.

The second half started with Helan and Nuhiu making way for Joao and Hooper.

The changes didn’t have an immediate impact on the score, but we had more of the ball and looked a lot more threatening.

Carlos changed it up at half-time

Carlos changed it up at half-time

Soon after Wallace was on and we were looking more and more threatening. We just needed a chance! At this point it was notable that the Wednesday fans were quiet, but thus far it was such an insipid performance that didn’t really lift spirits on a cold and wet day in Lancashire.

The chances started to come. First Forestieri played a really dangerous ball across the face of goal, then Hooper missed from close in. It looked like it was just going to settle in the corner but went wide.

Then we’re on the attack again and the ball is in the box, It falls to Joao who can’t miss and he doesn’t! 2-2


Joao with the leveller

Joao with the leveller

Can we get a winner like last week?

In the end we’d left it a bit late for that but it’s a well won point and it’s really encouraging to see how we never give up and will fight to the death.

FT – Blackburn 2-2 Wednesday

We could be looking at three defeats in a row but instead, we got five points.

What’s more the trio of Joao, Hooper and Forestieri looked very dangerous.

Soon enough we were back in the car and on our way for journey that was much shorter than the one here and felt much quicker than it would’ve done without Joao.

Bring on Sterrrrk.

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