RAMBLE: Burnley -v- Wednesday

RAMBLE: Burnley -v- Wednesday

After the international break and the end of the transfer window ending I was really looking forward to a trip to Burnley.

They’ve not done much since coming down from the Premier League and I was excited about the debut of Fernando Forestieri.

I was also looking forward to a welcome break from the Labour leadership battle, which ended today and has become far too consuming of late.

I decided to get a workout in early as I couldn’t sleep and it would free up Sunday for pure hangover recovery. As I left the house, it was pitch black and pouring within rain. Not an ordinary shower but a torrent of horizontal rain.

Ordinarily I’d have shelved these plans but decided I’d go with an umbrella and so walked in pitch black and torrential rain, blindly telling myself this was the right choice.

ID needed?

ID needed?

A nice workout and soaked walk later, I headed to James’ but, as I left, I realised I’d not picked up my passport for ID.

I briefly considered not going back as I really should, at 30, be too old to be asked for ID. But  sod’s law dictates that if I don’t bring it I’ll get some jobsworth that decides I’m 17 and they have to ask anybody younger than the Queen if they want a pint.

A quick dash back and James and I got a bus to the station. I stopped in a supermarket corner shop by the station to get a beer for the journey.

As I spent far too long picking beer, James got a call from Tom. Fearing the worst that Tom was calling to say he was late, we were pleasantly surprised to find Tom was already in the station! This is unprecedented. Normally we’re desperately waiting on the platform for him.

We get to the station but no Tom. Strange, maybe he’s on the platform? I call him as we head there:

Me: Where are you??

Tom: Something, something, food. Something. Something. I’ll just get a sandwich.

Me: It’s platform 5B – we’ll see you on the platform.

Tom: Yeah, great.

We get there and it’s a Northern Rail train with no seat reservations and we get on and text Tom to say we’re on the train. The clock ticks by, it’s getting very close to when it leaves and we have Tom’s tickets. Luckily he showed up just in time in a bright yellow raincoat.

And we’re on our way!

The first train lasts just the length of the first beer and we get off in Leeds. A short wait and we’re on the second train. I spent most of this train frantically checking Twitter for Labour leadership news, which promptly came and increased the need for me to drink and see a Wednesday win.

Burnley Beer Festival - cheers!

Burnley Beer Festival – cheers!

We get to the Burnley and head towards the Burnley Beer Festival.

I navigated with the use of Google Maps but the rain doesn’t help. We get there and after the ludicrously complex way you pay and beer is explained we start sampling what’s on offer. It’s all very jovial and there’s a few Burnley fans in but no Wednesday. It was all a bit too nice for an away day.

Soon enough it’s 2.30 and we head for Turf Moor.


Wednesday started with a mixed team. Price was out for Wildsmith. Loovens and Palmer were in the side in  defence. Forestieri and Bannan made debuts, which wasn’t a surprise but I was very surprised at there being no Lopez.

Time for a chat?

Time for a chat?

We started okay but they got a free kick just in front of us on the right hand side. It didn’t look too dangerous from David Jones but it passed the wall and Wildsmith’s near post.

It was a good free kick but we shouldn’t be conceding goals like that.

After this it was a tight affair with little to speak of. That said, our heads didn’t drop and the Wednesday fans were in good voice. It was so eventful that I ended up chatting with a nearby steward.

And some other Wednesday fans decided Tom was Paddington Bear due to the yellow raincoat.

We were getting forward and Forestieri was looking dangerous. Suddenly we find Nuhiu’s head and it’s in the corner of their net! GET IN!

1-1 – GAME ON.


Wednesdayites everywhere

Wednesdayites everywhere

Soon enough it was half time and we were still in it. We go down to meet Tom who was buying a round. We squeeze in. This must be one of the tightest areas in the league. It was absolutely rammed.

Three pints of poor lager later we were back out for the second half, which continued in the same vein with Forestieri looking dangerous.

The half seemed to pass quickly and we thought we might hold out for a draw or maybe nick it.

Then they broke and found the corner of Wildsmith’s net.


This was game over.

We huffed and puffed but there was no chance of a goal.

Then they got another one through Andre Gray in stoppage time after a mistake by Palmer.

This was one of those days that was great until 3pm.

Tom went straight back to the station as he needed to get back and we headed to a pub to watch Man Utd v Liverpool.

We had a pint and watched an awful game. Then decided we wanted to get home. We got to the station to find Tom still waiting for a train.

And a shout of PADDINGTON directed at Tom.

Enough is enough, next stop, bed!

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