POST MATCH RAMBLE: Wednesday -v- Blackburn

POST MATCH RAMBLE: Wednesday -v- Blackburn

Night games always feel like a struggle.

You have to make sure you get away from work OK and then get ready for a night at Hillsborough.

Tonight I got away as planned and home in time for a quick shower, sh*t and shave before meeting James for the trip to Hillsborough.

As a blue tram was coming I quickly asked what we were doing as our text conversation wasn’t conclusive on which pub we were going to.

Next stop: The pub

Next stop: The pub

James replied, looking at me as though I was demented, and said: ‘Getting a tram’.

Either way, we caught the approaching tram and set off to Hillsborough and the pub, where Russ was joining us so we included him in the round.

I was sure that James had briefly introduced him after a home Saturday game earlier in the season but James was insistent I hadn’t met him.

Russ turned up and immediately we recognised each other, much to James’ bemusement.

Three pints later and we set off for the ground.

Russ had since gone to meet somebody on the bridge.

Hillsborough: Time for new scoreboard now we're under new ownership?

Hillsborough: Time for new scoreboard now we’re under new ownership?

En route we got onto the discussion of what could happen to Hillsborough now that more resources could be available.

It’s hard to ignore that the old place could do with a bit of a facelift.

James thinks the solution is a new ground that we could maximise revenues on and off the pitch with and that we wouldn’t even have to leave Hillsborough.

He seems to think that we could build a new ground on Hillsborough Park and give what is now the stadium to Sheffield Council plus compensation.

Personally, I think this is an unworkable and ludicrous idea that would never happen.

There’s no reason why the ground can’t be developed along the lines of the 2018 World Cup plans that were drawn up.

We agree to disagree and I head towards the Kop.

As I nip across the road towards the bridge, I see there’s a programme seller who hasn’t run out and I remember tonight’s is a souvenir edition.

Since I missed out on the Milan Mandaric souvenir edition I take advantage.


Rhodes: Scored his seventh goal against the Owls

Rhodes: Scored his seventh goal against the Owls

There was one change for Wednesday with Sam Hutchinson in for Kieran Lee, which seems harsh as Lee played well in the Middlesbrough win.

But it’s great to have Hutch back and competition for places.

We started the game well on the now well-worn pitch and had a couple of early openings, including Will Keane spinning and shooting only to hit the shot straight at the keeper.

Either side of him and it was 1-0. This was promising.

Then Blackburn woke up and started playing themselves.

Before long they were entrenched in our half.

Another long Tommy Spurr throw and we struggle. We can’t seem to clear it, the ball flies across the box and Keiren Westwood is torn: one way or the other?

This is trouble and lo and behold the ball falls to Jordan Rhodes and it’s in.

It appeared as thought it went in off his elbow. The Kop screamed blue murder but the goal was given.


Blackburn celebrate doubling their lead at Hillsborough

Blackburn celebrate doubling their lead at Hillsborough

Having given a goal that appeared to be handled in, the crowd wasn’t happy with the officials.

Soon after the game resumed the ball appeared to go out by the South Stand but play went on, the ball went in the box and Adam Henley made it 2-0 with his first Blackburn goal.

Double bollocks.

Now we’re in trouble.

There’s not much more to tell from the first half.

They were happy at 2-0 and we struggled to make an impact on the game.

As Middlesbrough found out on Saturday, forcing anything on the bobbles of the Hillsborough surface isn’t easy.

Jose Semedo went down and eventually had to be replaced by Chris Maguire with Hutchinson going inside.

HALF TIME: Wednesday 0-2 Blackburn Rovers

When the half time whistle blew the home crowd were understandably grumpy.

This wasn’t helped by the ludicrous kick-the-ball-in-a-rubbish-bin game.

Shockingly some actually went in this week and it ended in a draw.


Maguire's goal got Wednesday back in the game

Maguire’s goal got Wednesday back in the game

The second half actually started brightly for Wednesday with another change, this time Kamil Zayatte was off for Jeremy Helan.

I assumed this was forced but the pace and attacking instincts of Helan give us more penetration.

We were threatening again.

Once more the ball bounced across the box and it’s just waiting for someone to put it in.

It’s not going in and you can sense the frustration.

Suddenly Chris Maguire rams it home!



There’s still plenty of time and you hope that it could be great comeback.

Sadly it’s the hope that gets you, although on a freezing March night, you don’t mind a bit of hope to keep you going.

Lacking confidence: May desperately needs a goal

Lacking confidence: May desperately needs a goal

In fairness to Gray he chased the game and brought on Stevie May for Jacques Maghoma and went 4-3-3.

The big positive out of this game is that the team gave it a go and tried everything they could to steal something from the game but it just wasn’t to be.

We had openings and chances but nothing went our way.

FULL TIME: Wednesday 1-2 Blackburn Rovers

It’s frustrating after a promising display against Derby and back-to-back wins against Millwall and Boro that we let this one go so early, but we move on and a very winnable game awaits at Blackpool.

We’re not going up and we’re not going down but we still have pride to play for.

A top half or even a top 10 finish would be a huge achievement come May.

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