After a long week I was looking forward to this away day at Nottingham Forest to see if we could continue our good form.

Even though we lost to Man City, the positives from our performance and the way we lost meant that it didn’t feel like a loss.

We’d won our last two league games and Forest have been struggling of late.

That said, I always fear the worst when we’re up against a team that’s in bad form, we’d be the one that they turn it around against, but that’s probably just my cautious nature.

I decided to get a quick trip to the gym in before meeting James and Tom at the station.

I got there and tried to swipe to go in but the red monitor comes up red and won’t let me in. Oh for f ….

Calm down….I knew why this had happened. I suspended my membership last month due to being away and work I knew I wouldn’t use it much but I had recently spoken to them and they confirmed that the restriction was lifted.

I went to reception but the appropriate people weren’t there and I didn’t have time to wait. Grr. 

“Can’t you just let me in?”

“There’s nobody there to let you in.”

“I don’t have time to wait, I’ll speak to them after if you could just let me in.”

“Aah go on then”

I’m in! Once that was done and I was done admiring what men were in at 8am on a Saturday morning I made my way back to my flat to drop things off and pick up my external battery to charge my phone with and soon meet James at the Sheffield Tap who was enjoying an early Pale Ale.

“Train’s going to be late,” he says. “Won’t be in until quarter to”.

I take this as a sign that we’ll have loads more time so decide to use it wisely with a quick pint before Tom turned up with his tales of being dragged to the ballet last night.

In the end the train wasn’t late at all and we had a run to get onto it but we made it fine and got seats. It was quite quiet from what I’d experienced on trains to Forest before.

Tom quickly falls asleep as James and I put the world to rights and before long we’re there.

James says there’s this pub that boasts being one of the oldest pubs in the world. It’s a short walk so Google Maps sends us on our way.

I’m directing as apparently James can’t, it’s beyond him for some reason, probably genetics. En route we see a nice looking real ale pub so we stop in for one for the journey.

I get the round in and James is convinced that he’s seen Steve Bruce. Then he insists at great length that this bloke who I can barely see does actually look like Steve Bruce.

He was middle aged and male. That’s where the likeliness stopped.

We have our one pint there and head to this ye olde inn which is fittingly called Ye Olde Jerusalem.

It was stunning.

It’s a pub that was built into a series of caves. And the inside was like a museum.

We divided our roles: James was in charge of general organising: Tickets, trains, pubs etc. I was in charge of navigating and Tom is in charge of making sure James and I eat. We’re notoriously bad at not eating on away days.

Soon enough we decide to walk towards the ground and get a pint by the ground. We set off and within a couple of minutes we’re literally walking in the wrong direction. Quickly get the phone out and start walking towards the ground.

Where we are looks like there shouldn’t be any grounds near us.

We’re in the middle of nowhere but I insist we’re almost there.

Then my phone goes off on 40% battery! Ridiculous…stupid thing that it is.

Whilst I fanny about getting it back on with the external battery when i’m finished I look up and suddenly there’s three sets of floodlights.

We find what looks like a decent place to stop for another pint but it was deader than any pub or restaurant you’ve ever been in. We have a quick one in there and then into the ground.Mister Chav

As we’re walking to the ground we notice that we’re walking in alongside Gary Madine, who was dressed in a cheap looking coat and skinny trackie bottoms.

I’m not one to knock footballers but with all the money they’re on you’d think they could dress better. And what’s more he was dressed like that for an exec box.

Anyhow, we get in and grab a quick beer in the ground. Ya can’t have too many ‘quick’ beers right? There’s a sign up saying no half time beer. Tom’s not happy with this but we sup up and head to our seats.


The players are just coming out as we get there and it’s the same team as Man City but Keiren Westwood was back after being “injured” against City.

It was a tight first half and we had our normal energy and shape, which was encouraging but they didn’t seem to have the same spark when they were top of the league at Hillsborough.

There wasn’t much to comment on if I’m honest. Maghoma was playing well and giving the ball away less and had a good one on one chance but couldn’t quite hit the target.

They had the better of the Westwood Saveopenings and a corner on about 30 minutes. It goes into the box and a great header sends it flying towards the net but Westwood from nowhere keeps it out. He’d had nothing to do all game but that was a certain 1-0.

There was a huge row between two Wednesday fans about whether to applaud or boo Antonio.

Personally I think he served us well and didn’t leave with any bad blood to warrant boos.

Footballers are professionals and they get different employers like the rest of us.

But there’s also an argument that booing him works and his quiet game was evidence of that. That said he had a quiet game at Hillsborough but made the winning goal.

We keep going and the shape is good. Kieren Lee looks like his old self and Claude Dielna is a beast down the left as Forest struggled to cope with his runs. He was like Reda but with actual skill.

Then on 45 minutes we get a break; Stevie May breaks in the box and looks to cross.

For a moment it looked like he’d lost it but he hadn’t and turned to put a perfect call in for Nuhiu, he must score.

It’s saved. It’s rebounded, it’s there or there about and then on about the third attempt the ball is in!!!


Half time and 1-0 to Wednesday. Fantastic.

We go down to use the facilities and Tom’s moaning that there’s no beer. But there’s people with beer?

They say it’s on sale further down so Tom goes in hunt of more beer. James and I wait where we were as it was hard to move.

After a while he’s nowhere to be seen so we head down the gangway and see Tom queuing for beer. It is on so why lie before?

A quick beer later and the game was back on. We’re playing positively and encouragingly not sitting back.

We’re attacking and looking like we want a second.

Suddenly Dielna puts the ball in and and it gets lost but Maguire wins the ball and gets in front goal before firing a bullet and bursting the ball into the net.



This was a huge moment and changed the game. We’re at our best when we can break and force opponents into errors.

Tom says we’re going to win. I’m more cautious. A 2-0 lead can go very quickly and it only takes a moment to concede a goal and suddenly you’re at panic stations.

To their credit the team looked very confident from here and the atmosphere amongst the Wednesday fans was brilliant after a quiet start.

Gray switches to 4-5-1 and hands a debut to Baker who’s on loan from Chelsea and although he we didn’t see too much he held his own as we dominated possession.

We looked at times like we’d get a third and ran them close to doing just that. Maghoma was stopped by a brilliant save and from that moment Forest looked doomed.

The best chant of the day never got going properly but Tom and I thought was brilliant:

(To the tune of 3 lions) “He’s getting sacked, he’s getting sacked, he’s getting…Pyscho’s getting sacked.”

What was also notable was how the Forest fans sang his name at 2-0 and heading to another defeat.

Oh to be a club legend. No other manager would get that support with two wins in 20 and another defeat at home.

Westwood was immense once more as he stopped a great Antonio header.

Soon after we had a corner but lost possession and they looked to counter with pace….DAMN!

We didn’t need to worry…just as they were almost away we snuffed out the ‘danger’ as Stevie May wins the ball back and gets it to Dielna who puts the ball in for Nuhiu to volley it and it looks like it’s going in but just goes agonisingly wide.

That would have been game over and we could have relaxed but I insist that they’re not out of it only a couple of goals down but in reality they were truly beaten at 2-0.

We saw the game out comfortably and cantered to another brilliant away win.

The atmosphere in the away end was as good as you’d want as we clapped the players off and Gray came over.

As we were walking out of the ground, what appeared to be a home fan was waving his fist at us and got a reaction back until he revealed his Wednesday season ticket!

We set off in search of celebratory pints in jubilant mood and see there’s a Wetherspoons ahead but assume it’s home fans only.

We try anyway and walk in trying to look miserable as though we were home fans. We were in!

Several pints later we get a taxi back to the station. The taxi was £2.50. That couldn’t be right but we didn’t mind.

More beer bought for the journey and not surprisingly a train full of Wednesday.

Beer and songs meant that the journey went very quickly. We decided to finish off in the Sheffield Tap but I couldn’t drink anymore.

I was more drunk than I realised and headed back to watch Drunken SofaMatch of the Day. I got as far as getting in and sitting down.

The next thing I knew it was 2am and I’d been asleep on the sofa.

Bedtime knowing that a hangover is coming but you don’t care when the Wednesday win away.

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