Hillsborough promotion party…your memories

Hillsborough promotion party…your memories

Everyone has their own thoughts about this season and especially about that last game against Wycombe. We asked you to share them with all of us…how was that last game for you?

Were you nervous? Did you spend the game on the edge of your seat or were you Joe Cool all the way through?

Many fans speak about how emotional it all was and that they’ve never seen scenes like that at Hillsborough before.

Here’s a few matchday memories from that eventful day

On Twitter:

Stephen Davies (@ilsonowl) said: Remembering the look on my lads face when we were relegated v palace, then seeing his face on Saturday #priceless

@glenntowersSWF Cheering the final whistle blowing then turning 2my future wife @debzladyowland seeing here smile that will live with me 4ever.

Addam Tabani on Twitter: Memories was having all 4 stands full and the look on the guy who sits next to me his face when I told him I was engaged at 20.

Andrew Hornsby
@sheffwedandy – Pictures. Videos. Love them all. Keeps us exiled owls in the picture! Great stuff. However I was there yesterday and wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!

All week I’d been waiting for “that” feeling to arrive, the one of dread, the churning in the pit of me stomach but it never really did, I was Cool for Cats about the game, I really was.

That was until I actually got on the Kop, and saw the ground full of Wednesdayites, the atmosphere, the inflatables, the bouncing, the noise. It was incredible.

I think I got something in me eye during the verse of Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday.

Proper fur up stuff.

Then I got “that” feeling, but only briefly, before you knew it, it was washed away in a sea of optimsm.

The moments on the pitch at the end with my young lad, Tom – again fur up stuff.

You can’t buy moments like that.He was bloody loving it. He even watched a lot of the game! I’d told him he had to!

There were thousands on the pitch and the first face we see when we get down there is Hollie (The Young Un) We saw Stickvis down there as well.

You think you know a place and I’ve been to Hillsborough god knows how many times, but when I turned back and looked up at a full Kop from the pelanty spot, it was like I was somewhere I’d never been before – what a view!

Lump in me throat time.

What a great place it must be to play football.

What a day


I wanted my lad Richard to go to this, but he wanted to be with his young son (which I fully understood) as he was only expecting to have him Saturday and Sunday. Then he found out that he could have him from Saturday until Tuesday, so he booked Tuesday off work to be with him and I got him a ticket for the seat next to me for the match.

Usually, when we score, the first thing I do is text Rich to let him know. I miss the celebrations while I am doing this, but at least he knows the good news. On Saturday, we were able to celebrate the goals and result together and it was a special moment I can tell you.

There are a few of us sit together, but nothing beats having your own lad there, and to be honest, I’ve missed him (or more precisely his fooking gret long legs bruising my back from the seat behind). Saturday brought back memories of great times shared together, and I hope in a couple of years time we can get him coming to Hillsborough a bit more redliar, but with his lad as well.


I arrived at the ground early, about 2:00 and just wandered around soaking it in. I took a few minutes to go and stand by my late uncle’s brick in the Derek Dooley Wall of Fame and just wished he could have been with me on this very special day.

I wandered round to the shop and thought about buying some (more) replica kit but the queue was so long I couldn’t be arsed to wait in it with so much going on outside.

When I finally went inside I made my way up to my seat in The North and alternated between reading the programme and watching the ground fill up and the players warm up.

Like many I was so wound up that I couldn’t wait for 3:00 to arrive. My nerves were being replaced by excitement, though, and I kept telling myself they, we, would do it.

The fuller the ground got, the better it felt and by the time I was passing the flag over my head and up the stand I was really buzzing…………..come on 3:00 !!!

I gave everything I had to the rendition of “Hi Ho” and I swear those Blunts would have heard it in Exeter! I have never heard it sung so loud or so passionately.

What a feeling, what a sound, what a sight!

I felt comfortable as the match started and was really enjoying it, I had a feeling that it would take longer to get the first goal than we’d all like but, that being the case, the crowd would actually get behind the team and not on their backs.

And then the first goal went in. It was the biggest collective orgasm ever seen or heard.

F**k me, the noise, the relief, the joy – off the scale, and then, a few minutes later the second coming as the Exeter score was put up !

Now we were really enjoying it, the day, the city were ours for the taking.

In truth I only remember snippets of the rest of the match. Ranger’s goal, the chants of “ole” as we started to pass it around, the singing from all four sides of the ground, I was just lost in the whole emotion of the day.

When the whistle went I couldn’t stop smiling, and at times my eyes welled up (they’re doing it again as I write this) as we, finally, had made it. Years of pain and heartache were being offset with sheer joy and delirium.When I left the ground after the (sadly short) lap of honour I walked back up to the car slowly with my fellow fans (I normally rush back to get back on the M1 to Berkshire as quickly as possible) and we were all smiles, horns tooting from passing cars, general euphoria.

I savoured it, remembering that last time I did that walk on the last day of a season it was the Crystal Palace fans who were walking away happy.

Rob (BerkshireOw)

Yes I completely agree that any fans that had attended last season and couldn’t have got a ticket ‘deserved’ one more than some who hadn’t been for years but Saturday could really bolster support, with that the revenue increases and this fine club that we all support in different ways can move forward, quickly and give EVERYONE a great feeling.

Ive followed Wednesday from afar through thick and thin but I’ve never really felt such a positive feeling about the place.

I really do think that we can be in the Premier League within 2 to 3 yrs (next year wouldn’t surprise me TBH).

Given how far we fell its great being a wednesdayite atm and I believe we are on the up.

Next season will be even better I think.

Those of you that go week in week out will experience it first hand, the rest of us will get just as much enjoyment though.



I’m 29 now and the last time Wednesday got automatic promotion I was 8 years old, the last time they finished 2nd in any league I’d only just turned 1.

I’ve been going to Hillsborough for many years now and in all those years I can honestly say I’ve never experienced such an atmosphere.

Before the match me and Salop stood together after going through the turnstiles – I can’t speak for him but my stomach was in knots yet the noise, even then at about twenty past two was incredible, we barely uttered words to each other before making our way to our seats.

I walked up the steps and it hit me how incredible it was, seeing Hillsborough well on the way to jam packed even then, seeing inflatables being thrown about, hearing fans in full voice, I was awestruck. It was louder than that special day in Cardiff back in 2005.

What happened on the pitch was a bit of a blur but I was thinking of how my good friend John who went with me home and away for years before he stopped going to Wednesday for various reasons would have loved this, seeing four sides bouncing, none of the negativity and grumpiness that we’ve begun to associate home crowds with.

I know I loved it.

When the final whistle blew my first thought was to find the friends who have made supporting Wednesday even through the bad times more tolerable and to see a lot of those people just beaming with pride, joy, happiness and taking in what we’d accomplished was magnificent and it brought a tear to my eye to be honest.

I couldn’t speak for a few minutes.

To see Chris (Sterling) with such a smile on his face was such a contrast to how down me and him felt after coming home after a defeat at Cardiff in 2010 which just about sealed our relegation fate.

This is the first time I’ve truly seen Hillsborough at it’s finest, I don’t just want to see it once, I want to see it many more times.


I  remember sitting in front of my computer as it went into injury time, knowing it was as good as won, and thinking to myself  ‘I’ll bet they’re having a right good time over there’.

Pook (Indiana USA)

I realised during this match how much I look at the away fans during a game whenever anything happens and I kept on forgetting that this time, they were Wednesdayites, and loved it even more when I remembered.

It was a strange feeling seeing 4 sides of Wednesday and I was worried it might intimidate the players.

This squad, though, don’t seem to be intimidated by anything and that is something that started under Megson and has grown under Jones. They just get out and get on with the task at hand, confident they can and will win.

It never really looked in any doubt as we kept Wycombe at arms length but it still didn’t stop me worrying it would go wrong.

When we scored, followed by the pigs score going up moments later, it was brilliant, just like earlier in the season when the same happened. I’ve never felt the place jump as much as at that moment.

When Antonio slipped us in front we went mad, I was hugging my brother and suddenly my Dad appeared at our side, having legged it down the steps to join in with us. 

I turned round and high-fived the other season ticket holders around me: Whingeing Man, Whingeing Man’s son, Silent Stranger and Old Whistling Man. We’re like a little family now and as much as Whingeing Man has pissed me off at times, there was a strange enjoyment in sharing that moment with him. At least he smiled for once.

Just after half time there was that inevitable last day of the season communication fuck up, as people in the West Stand started showing us in the North their fingers to say “it’s 2-1!”. Unfortunately a lot of us thought that meant 2-1 to Exeter and when it transpired that United were winning I suddenly had that “we’re one goal from fucking this up” feeling again.

Right on cue Lines swung over a great cross and Ranger headed home and that, really, was that.

My Dad appeared again and we celebrated, and laughed about the fact that United were now winning – as it must have done their heads in to go in front and get their hopes up only to hear we’d extended our lead.

Lovely stuff.

The end of the game felt a little anti-climactic as I was waiting for the ref to blow up but he did so a little early as people started to invade the pitch.

I’ve got no real problem with the initial pitch invasion – it all adds to the event – but there was a little moment lost when we didn’t get that final dramatic pause as the ref looks at both watches, stands still, raises his whistle to his lips and blows up.

Looking at the joy on the pitch was great for a few minutes, but I then wanted everyone to clear off so we could applaud that magnificent team. They really didn’t deserve a rushed lap of honour or token wave from the Director’s Box.

To their credit most fans cleared the pitch pretty quickly, but some pissed me off in ignoring the announcements and then breaking through again when the players came out.

Where were you when we were shit” rang out from the Kop.

There were some selfish fans after the game who put the only black mark on an otherwise amazing day. Not for long though, the buzz leaving the ground knowing we were up, the thumbs up to every car and pedestrian I passed, sitting in traffic, having a laugh with Stephen Bywater at 80 miles an hour on the M1 and then getting home to friends and a fiancee who don’t really give a shit about football, but were so pleased for me as they knew what it meant.

It was all great stuff.We went out and got a bus up to a shitty club called The Swan in Stockwell. While on that bus a guy got on wearing a Wednesday shirt – I asked him if he’d been to the game, he said yes and then the rest of my party – mostly women – burst into “Wednesday til I die!” which even the other guy didn’t know how to react to.

I got well and truly shitfaced that night.The fact is it still hasn’t really sunk in. I’m still buzzing from it and still taking it all in. I’d love to have been at the Civil Reception just to keep the buzz going a little longer. Twitter is a great thing though, seeing how much the players are still loving it really helps you to keep that going, especially when you live in London.

I’m already counting the new away grounds (only two unfortunately) and hoping the fixture list is kind for certain away days, and normally I’d be glad of the break for a bit but the way we’ve finished just makes me want more.

I hope some of those 37,500 Wednesday fans who don’t go as regularly have been convinced to come back – this team aren’t afraid of playing at home and the more of a fortress we can make it the better.

Thank you Wednesday.

Chris (Baldy)

I was remarkably calm during the day but my daughter was a complete mess.

I had been telling her all week this would be the greatest moment of her life , better than the play off final.

She has often moaned that although I tell her we have been a great team in her lifetime, that ‘greatness’ ended when she was about 4yo. She was with me for most of the last decade having been to 60+ grounds and she was at the play off final, yet we know how we missed a great opportunity after that.

My memory forever will be the look on her face as both goals went in and the hug she gave me at full time.

Wednesday and my family are so important to me and to share a moment like that does not happen to many and nowhere near often enough.

Pete (Ayelsbury Owl )

With the Owls promotion well untruly sunk in to the system now people have started to ask me my thoughts on how we’ll do in the Championship next season.

For me, and surprisingly to most people (as I’ve not particularly had any reason to be confident about my team for the past 15 years) it’s one of a quiet confidence.

So where has this sudden influx of ‘quiet’ confidence come from? 

Well I think back to the final game of the season against Wycombe Wanderers and for the whole week in the build up to the game there was something different about the atmosphere and feelings towards the match.

Due to work commitments I don’t live in Sheffield but reading the endless amounts of #swfc tweets throughout the week it enhanced those feelings.

Driving over to Hillsborough something was also different with my Mum “are you nervous Mum?” I asked her…

“In a way yes, but in a way, I’m also really excited” she said.

Being lifelong Owls supporters we don’t do excitement too often do we?

I recall in 2005 how nervous we were on the way to Cardiff for the play-off final because we’d been let down so many times before. 

Today I felt different.

Today, as much as I didn’t like to admit it in case I cursed us, I felt quietly confident.

On arriving at Hillsborough and parking up an interview with Dave Jones came on the radio and it was then that I realised exactly where this air of ‘quiet confidence’ had come from.

Here was a man who had taken over a club who had just beaten their City rivals and then subsequently sacked their manager yet from the outset Dave Jones had simply gone about his job.He didn’t make a song and dance about anything, he just got his head down and got us where we needed to be and for that reason I think within the fans he’s instilled confidence not only in his abilities as a manager but also a confidence in the players and the way in which they too have got their heads down and done their job.

Before long the rest of my family arrived at the game to meet us, and again they too had that air of confidence about them that actually, this was going to be our day.

As we walked down and into the ground it was like the good old days were finally back. For a start it was buzzing. People everywhere, a sea of blue and white, singing, chanting, having a laugh…This is what Sheffield Wednesday means to me! That feeling of belonging to something good, something to be proud of!

As the players ran out my heart filled with pride, for some reason I could just sense this was going to end well for us and once that first goal went in I knew that we would go up!

One image that sticks in my head from the day is seconds after calming myself from the first goal I looked to the scoreboard expecting to smile at seeing ‘The Owls 1 – 0 Wycombe’ but instead the scoreboard read:


That moment of silence in the ground as the scoreflash went up felt like a lifetime and sent shivers down my spine…Moments later the news came in that Exeter were beating United – cue more celebrations from the four sides of Wednesdayites! Could this get any better?

The confidence the lads played with throughout the game just typified the season and the attitude that Dave Jones had instilled within the team: We are Sheffield Wednesday, and we’re ready to rise again!

As the final whistle blew and the masses of fans ran onto the pitch I chose instead to stay in the stands and watch it all unfold before my eyes.

I looked to the West stand, across to the North stand, onto the pitch and then over at the Kop.

My last glance was onto the row of seats in which i was stood and there were my family.

These were the people that had brought me up to live and breathe Sheffield Wednesday football club from the day I was born.

So many times I had questioned their motives, and their sanity but then I remembered what my Mum had said to me when I had stood crying as a 9 year old because we’d just been knocked out of the FA Cup by Chelsea;

“Let this be a lesson in football to you. Most of the time its a nightmare, and there’s going to be some pretty dark days but someday there will be something to celebrate. It may just be a day, but trust me, when it happens, you’ll realise that all the pain and heartbreak was worth it”.

And here was that day…that moment and those words that had stuck with me through numerous relegation’s, through the sacking of many managers, getting beaten by your rivals, getting hammered by bloody Preston North End and risking your life in the ice and snow to drive over to Sheffield to watch us get beaten by Blackpool…

Mum’s words were in fact true, it was all worth it!

I hope it was worth it for the Wednesdayites filling all 4 sides of Hillsborough, that showed that day just how massive this club really is!

Thanks Mum, thanks Gary Megson, thanks Dave Jones, thanks Milan Mandaric and most importantly…

Thankyou Sheffield Wednesday.


If I could have been there in person I’d have been there in a heartbeat but, living in New Zealand, that would have been a long commute.

I settled for the Wednesday Player commentary, which is always interesting, in more ways than one.
2am rolls round in New Zealand, which is 3pm back in Sheffield, and the game kicks off.

I’m drinking out of my SWFC mug, I’m wearing my Wednesday shirt, and the computer is fired up and logged into Player.

All goes well until the ISDN line, which appears to keep the Wednesday Player running, experiences a snapped rubber band or something and coverage is temporarily lost.

There’s about 5 minutes of silence and as they come back we’re informed that, while we were away we missed Wednesday’s first goal!

Missed it? Missed it?

Now, I knew we’d missed it even before they came back, thanks to some excellent coverage from certain people on Twitter!

Other memories include actually being able to hear the second goal go in and the joy of hearing that the Blunts were losing 2-1, even though they were really winning 2-1. Still, hearing that Exeter did equalise in Fergie time was another great memory but my main memory will be that rush of sheer emotion at the end as we finally knew we’d done it.

Like all you lot who were there, I was bouncing like crazy.

We love you Wednesday, we do!

All the best,

Wellington NZ

I love the view of the stadium across Hillsborough Park. It sneaks up on you and slowly comes into view and represents so many memories and so much anticipation for match day – especially on a day like today.

These feelings are for me what make being a football fan worthwhile, and this is where my football day starts, just priceless stuff.

Once in the ground it hits you.

I have never seen Hillsborough this loud and this full, a superb effort from every single fan. What a turnout and what a tribute to the club.

I didn’t really take in too much of the game if I’m honest. I know 90+ minutes passed, we played well and deserved victory. Their keeper made some fantastic reaction saves (notably 2 from Miguel Llera whom I had a first and anytime goalscorer bet on!) yet despite those efforts Wycombe were second best on the day.

When Antonio skipped through using his strength well and calmly finished, the place erupted.


Suddenly we were all jumping around, hugging everyone within arms reach and screaming “yeeeeesssss

I guess the significance of the goal slips away for a moment but crikey did we celebrate it!

A few minutes pass and Exeter are beating our rivals.

A roar as loud as there was for our first goal goes up and the chants are out with over 38,000 sets of lungs behind them – a hell of a noise.

Ranger scored but was ruled offside.

From halfway up the kop I can’t tell whether he is or he isn’t but it was proven later on to be well onside.

Into the second half, Lines clips in a great cross and Nile Ranger rises highest to plant a downward header into the net. The Kop and other 3 sides of the ground erupt and its like we have won already.

Now there’s even more noise and it’s a wonderful sight as the whole ground bounces in unison.

It’s always great to see so many people happy for the same collective reason this was as good as it gets.

Time ticks on and deep down I know we are there. It just needs the final whistle and the pitch invasion to confirm it.

As we chant, bounce and cheer through the last 20 minutes I stopped for a second, standing still to take it in.To see it all happening around me was awesome. I don’t give a monkeys if it was the beer that made me feel this good but to stop for a few seconds and drink in the atmosphere was well, well worth it.

The referee blows for full time and then a Blue and White tide ebbed on to the pitch, trickles of fans at first then a full on tsunami!

It was excellent to see it develop and we all knew it was going to happen but on this scale? Blimey!

Flags, banners, flailing arms, bouncing, smoke bombs, chants.

This was blooming brilliant a pitch invasion and celebration to be proud of.

The joy was clear to see on everyone’s faces.

We had done it, no more anxiety, suspense or nerves it was over and Sheffield Wednesday were promoted. We had chuffin done it! It makes the whole season worthwhile and is why we contribute our time, money, efforts and emotions to staying the course.

Well done Wednesday! Thank you for providing me with that day and that moment.

I will never forget it.


And there you have it…
One great day, so many memories and wonderful end to a truly memorable season.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to join in with this and see you all next season….

In the Championship

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