PRESS PASS | Value for money

PRESS PASS | Value for money

Warning. This article contains the word ‘Christmas’.


Money, Money, Money


This morning you may have been distracted by the BBC’s latest Price of Football survey.

The results are fresh in and the Championship emerges as the most grasping league of them all.

With the highest away fan tickets and replica kits, Wednesday don’t come out of it covered in glory.

But the finding that stuck in my mind as I crossed the pot holed car park for today’s press conference – passing Barry Bannan and Steve Fletcher jumping over lake-sized puddles to get to their cars – the one that intrigued me most was how much we Wednesdayites pay to see each home goal:


Savour these, they're getting expensive

Savour these, they’re getting expensive

If we were in the wonderful world of retail we’d be pushing that price ever lower to drive our competitors out of the market… Do you know what? That’s not such a bad idea in the world of football either.

It doesn’t take Mary ‘Queen of Shops’ Portas to work out the more goals we score, the less we’ll have to ‘pay’ for each one.

So, in the run up to Christmas are we going to see some massive discounting, Black Friday-style offers hitting the back of the net? First, Carvalhal has two away games to refine his pricing strategy, starting with Saturday’s trip to Craven Cottage.


Attack! Attack! Attack!


What can Carvalhal do? The good news is the boss feels Forestieri is finally back and firing on all cylinders.

“He is back very, very strong and very powerful, with a fantastic attitude. We have all been waiting for the best of Fernando… he is back 100%”

After his lacklustre appearance off the bench against Ipswich, fans will be hoping our number 45’s improvements on the training ground transfer to the pitch on Saturday.

In fairness to Forestieri, he’s not the only player who has failed so far to hit the heights of 2015-16.

Unusually for Carvalhal, he not only draws attention to this, saying “we need a little upgrade of some players to go to the maximum” but is also prepared to single out players he feels need to step up.

Back again?

Back again?

He mentions ‘four or five’ players who need to improve, naming Fernando, Bannan and Wallace. Which leaves us to speculate on who the others might be.

Carvalhal remains upbeat about his attacking options, insisting that “all our attackers are completely different, with different abilities…”

But with so few chances converted by any of them so far this season, there’s bound to be speculation about bringing in new blood.

On this occasion, Jordan Rhodes was spared a mention by the press, his place taken by George Hirst.

Carvalhal’s response? Great potential, very young, he needs to be protected. So for the time being Our David’s Our George will remain in the under-18 squad, with the occasional under-23 outing.

Meanwhile, Lucas João, one of last season’s best sellers is fit and ready for a comeback, potentially bringing some much needed pace to the front line.




Fulham are next up


A look at the table brings up the now familiar issue – while our hosts are on the same points as the Owls, they sit two places above us by virtue of a much better goal difference.

And they’re only paying £7.19 for their home goals!

Our away clash last year ended with a 1 nil victory to the Owls, courtesy of Wallace’s first half goal.

That was last January. Our opponents have now come to grips with Wednesday’s re-brand as Promotion Contenders. With 24 points up for grabs between now and New Years’ Eve, Carvalhal and his not-quite-100-percenters need to launch a different range of options and responses if we don’t want to end up in the bargain bin by January.

There’s no better time for Wallace to work out how he can start slipping his marker, cutting in and scoring with a spectacular long range effort again.

Another hard fought win over Fulham will surely distract us from the cold, the rain, the US election, the inflation, the ads for stuff you don’t want or need ‘delivered by Christmas’.

Whatever else happens, I’ll still be paying 20p more than the average Championship fan for my half time waxed paper cuppa.

On the up side, it’s Yorkshire Tea.

I don’t mind paying for quality.

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