PRESS | Pudil talks teething problems

PRESS | Pudil talks teething problems

Slight weariness around the press table this morning as Daniel Pudil and his Head Coach try to shake off Wednesday night’s exertions.

The jet lag of a late flight back from Cardiff in the company of some well-oiled fans was evidently taking it’s toll on the pair.

Carvalhal spoke of the Owls squad  ‘understanding’ their task better than any point in his tenure.

A fit again Pudil talked less about celebrating his equaliser against the Bluebirds and more about being dad to a one-year-old.

He hasn’t learned the word for it yet, but when he taps his gums with a clenched fist we understand. Teething. The guy needs his sleep.

As the players take to the pitch it’s easy to forget they have lives outside football.


Pudil and family matters


Back in 2001 ‘You’ll Never Beat’ Des Walker, Wednesday’s legendary number 6, surprised fans and pundits by cutting all connections with the game once his playing days were over.

At the time he was quoted as saying he wanted to be around for his kids. 15 years on, Pudil’s wish to spend time with his children is giving him a sense of perspective on the ups and downs of professional football.

Putting the physical and mental pressure of his thigh injury behind him, the man from Prague’s disappointment at missing the Czech Republic’s last two games is tempered by the opportunity to spend more time with his young family.

“I was in Spain with the family for a few days and it was absolutely great. Of course I would love to be called up [for the next international break] but if not, that’s football.”

Perhaps being over tired is the reason Pudil became the first player so far to break cover and talk briefly but publicly about a top two finish.

“We are in the top six now and we will try to push as high as possible… If we go game by game with a little luck we can get top two.”

This is when everyone gets their calculator out and plays around with how many matches times how much luck divided by a triumph of hope over experience would be necessary to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Pudil will have to wait until after Saturday’s showdown with QPR to catch up on his shut eye.

Pudil's cross set up a Nuhiu header in our last meeting

Pudil’s cross set up a Nuhiu header in our last meeting

Before then, he and his team mates will be watching a video of the opposition and be given the drill on tactics. “The manager will prepare us very well… We will know everything about the team and the players …”




One of the few certainties about tomorrow is that those of us who missed the weightlifting medal ceremonies at Rio will be hearing the Thai national anthem for the first time.

Once we’ve paid our respects to Thailand’s late king, what can we expect?

Wednesday are getting there

Wednesday are getting there

Although Sky commentators refer to Wednesday wanting to ‘go one better’ than last season, automatic promotion pressure remains firmly on the shoulders of Newcastle, Norwich, Brighton – Pudil even mentioned Villa today.

Not quite a third of the way through the season the question remains whether it’s all still too close to call or too soon to tell whether the Owls can hold on to sixth place or even move up the standings.

Carvalhal is clearly pleased the fixture list calms down somewhat in the next few weeks, giving more time for preparations, analysis and recovery.

Seeing QPR as a final game in “probably the hardest week of the season,” he stresses Saturday’s crowd can play a huge part in pushing tired legs on to victory.

It’s hard to disagree with his view that the performance against Brighton and the atmosphere created by the fans was “so so”.

There’s an interesting dynamic there.

Will the team inspire the fans to inspire the team, or the fans inspire the team to inspire the fans … it goes around in circles. So how will it work against The Hoops?



First of all, if you’re looking for inspiration the Owls will take to the pitch in sixth place, two spots higher than the same time last season.

We are on a roll that could see us taking 7 points out of 9 in the space of one week.

And according to Carvalhal, “It will be a game with goals.”

The boss rates QPR as a positive team who, “like to score goals. We like to score goals also.”

Continued below.

Wednesday are less reliant on individual brilliance this season

Wednesday are less reliant on individual brilliance this season

But the teams managed just one apiece in the previous two head to heads: a goalless draw away followed by one-all at Hillsborough.

For those who see tomorrow’s clash as a benchmark for the progress made in S6, Carvalhal believes Wednesday’s year-on-year improvement shouldn’t be measured purely in terms of goals, points and position.

It’s about tactics and resilience as well. “The quality and understanding of exactly what we must do is better at this moment than in the previous season.”

Players like David Jones and Adam Reach were brought into the squad partly because of their experience in getting out of the Championship.

They are both fans of Carvalhal’s expansive playing style but also keen to stress that going up means digging in for a win when you’re not as your best.

Carvalhal knows that. He talks about the build up to a Forestieri shot on goal in the Cardiff game.

“We did 24 passes. It’s a good example of the way we play. We move the ball against a team that played behind the ball with 11 players.”

Movement like that would certainly lift the atmosphere out of “so so” on Saturday. If the shot is on target, even better.

And if we score one more than them, well, Hillsborough could be rocking.

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