PRESS PASS | Carvalhal previews Brentford

PRESS PASS | Carvalhal previews Brentford

Carlos talks heart and soul and disco bouncers.

But first, transfers.

“All teams are open to improvement”

Take Wednesday’s stuttering start to the season, factor in a transfer window that’s open until the end of this month and you can pretty much work out what every fan has been talking about over the past few weeks.

The question is, has the manager been as active as the twitterati?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Dismissing a suggestion at today’s press conference that Wednesday’s squad is big enough bar a couple of defensive additions, Carlos Carvalhal confirms four games in and with just four points to show for it, Wednesday are still very much in the market – and his search has widened.

“You can’t imagine how many players me and my staff are analysing; we know exactly what we want.”

Recent results have shown additions are necessary (Image: Yorks Post)

Recent results have shown additions are necessary (Image: Yorks Post)

With a week left before deadline day, CC is finding the market tough.

Reading between the lines, more than one player of interest to Wednesday has been swept up by a club either splashing the parachute payment cash or with a less cautious owner.

Carvalhal understands the transfer economy.

He understands that Wednesday occupy a place somewhere between the big hitters and teams lower down the Championship’s spending league.

And with Financial Fair Play and the risk of bankrupting the future for the present, he understands Chansiri’s caution:

“100%, I’m not complaining. It’s the reality. The chairman is caring about the future, not just about the present.”

As midnight strikes on the 31st of August we can expect to see three things.

Players arriving. Players leaving. Carlos relaxing.

To him, a transfer window staying open once the season has kicked off is unsettling for players and coaches. (Who knew?).

It's been a troubling time

It’s been a troubling time

The shenanigans of this particular window have no doubt contributed to his assessment of the past few weeks as “probably the most challenging time since joining the club”.

He’s relishing putting all his energy into coaching the best from his squad when that transfer window shuts.


I’m not a coach of rugby


The passing game that pleased so many fans and neutral observers last season has come in for a bit of stick since the Play Off final.

Cries to ‘get stuck in’ have increased following last week’s defeat against Leeds.

Does Carvalhal agree with those suggesting Wednesday need to toughen up in midfield? No.

Bannan: not a prop forward

Bannan: not a prop forward

When asked about adopting a more ‘physical’ style, his response is to praise how ‘physical’ players like Bannan and Lee are.

Of course his example of Lee covering an average of 13 kilometres a game last season is astonishing.

But it isn’t the kind of physical the critics have in mind.

That kind of physical doesn’t interest him:

“I’m not a coach of rugby. I’m a football coach.

“I don’t want bodyguard from discotheque in my team, it’s not my game.”

His tactics might be up for debate right now, but his way with words is beyond criticism!


The trip to Griffin Park


So, how does the boss think Wednesday can return to winning ways without compromising his football-not-rugby approach?

“We must recover our soul and heart this week, win lose or draw.”

Last season’s away match at Brentford was a memorable one for Carvalhal and Wednesday fans alike.

Two sendings off (Helan for Wednesday), a last minute winner from João and the first airing of ‘Carlos Had a Dream.’

Joao scores the winner last year

Joao scores the winner last year

We know from the Villa and Norwich games that Wednesday have the ability to score, create chances, defend well and keep clean sheets.

Perhaps the flatness against Leeds was less about a lack of ability and more about a loss of spark.

In Carvalhal’s words, “Against Leeds the process was ok but there was something that we didn’t give on the pitch.”

That something was “soul”.

“We play from the soul. We play a brand that is from Yorkshire, from Sheffield…

“Last season we played teams who were better than us and we beat them because we play with our heart, with our soul…” 

Brentford are a good, well-organised team and have had a strong start.

If his team post anything less than a stirring performance at Griffin Park on Saturday, “win, lose or draw” he might be facing calls to add that discotheque bodyguard to his shopping list.

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