PRESS PASS | Carvalhal plays cat and mouse

PRESS PASS | Carvalhal plays cat and mouse

A first look at Jones, some cat and mouse from Carlos and, let’s not tempt fate but the prospect of a ‘magic’ afternoon…

Today’s press conference was the first opportunity to find out a bit more about new signing David Jones.

We’ll be giving you a full run down of his first impressions later.

It’s worth waiting for – a bright guy with some interesting things to say, not least that he was the proud owner of a Waddle No. 8 Wednesday shirt when he was a kid.

More tomorrow…

As for now, or more accurately as for the rest of the season, one of the questions Jones’ signing raises is, why a midfielder?

In recent weeks Carlos Carvalhal has been very clear that the focus before deadline day has been to strengthen depth in the defensive third of the field.
If anything, Tuesday’s defeat at Burton reinforced that need.

In preparing for Burton’s “physicality” and “good attitude” CC would prefer to have started with his strongest back four.

Instead, an injury to Tom Lees split the favoured central partnership of Lees and Hutchinson. And to pile on the agony stand in Jose Semedo had to leave the pitch at half time.

When Carlos says, “If a team has three centre halves out of training in a few days, any team in the world would have problems there,” you’d be hard pressed to disagree.

Lees: amongst the best defenders in the country?

The good news for Saturday’s clash with Leeds is that Tom Lees is back in full training; Glenn Loovens is also now training with the squad. But according to the boss Semedo looks doubtful.


Cat and Mouse


So, Wednesday must still be looking to sign a central defender before 31 August? Carlos played an entertaining game of cat and mouse before answering this one. (He’s certainly got his mojo back after the Forestieri affair).

“Do you know how many goals conceded Tom Lees and Sam since the beginning of the season?”

Assembled press look at the floor and say ‘None’.


A return for Sasso?

“Correct. Zero. Our bet in Sam is completely achieved! And we have Loovens. Loovens is not dead!

He was with an injury…he’s training, he’s there, he’s here with us. So very soon he’ll be involved. Which means that we will have three very good centre halves.

So we are trying to find the fourth one. It is not easy the market in England as you know, and we try to do our best.

We think that we’ll solve it very soon.

Very, very soon we’ll be with four in the position like last year. Absolutely sure, in the next few days or maybe few hours. Really.”

There was a ‘No Comment’ from Carvalhal when asked whether that new defender might be Vincent Sasso.

So. Watch this space.


Ready, Steady


Matias scores a memorable goal at Leeds last year

Matias scores a memorable goal at Leeds last year

In recent seasons it would be hard to believe, but with so much activity off the field and a two out of three start in the league talk of Saturday’s match didn’t dominate proceedings.

CC is fully aware of the importance of the game to fans and players alike – understanding it’s one every player wants to feature in and every fan wants to win. 

“Derbies are tough games around the world. We are ready, focused. We did fantastic first and second game

We know exactly why we lose the third one and this means that we are more ready and more strong… understanding that it will be a tough game”.

Apart from being back to strength defensively, CC identifies a couple of factors that could swing the match Wednesday’s way: with Jones in midfield there are more options to protect the defensive line and to create chances; and the energy at Hillsborough makes a big difference.

On top of that, CC can see parallels between Garry Monk’s Leeds now and Wednesday at the same point last season – new coach, new players, new ideas and – maybe – not quite firing on all cylinders yet.

Points and performances show Wednesday on the other hand are stronger than at the same stage last year.

But, there’s no room for complacency is there? (I just had a flashback to 1992 and that 6– 1 drubbing by Leeds when we only got our 1 because Gordon Watson dived for a penalty!)

Carvalhal expects another electric atmosphere

Carvalhal expects another electric atmosphere

Carvalhal is expecting “another magic afternoon in Hillsborough … We are rested, ready, we want our fans with us.

I believe since the first second if they push our players our players will push to them also… We will fight within the rules of the game”.

Leeds are “a strong side with good players… we must look to ourselves.”
And that, says Carlos, is the ‘ourselves’ that turned up against Villa and Norwich.

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  1. A great,very informative, well written piece of footie knowledge.Angela certainly knows how to put her football foot foward.

    Could be worth mentioning will CC and Wednesday play a part in Monks demise……

  2. Thank you for an informative piece Angela. Good to have more detail re Burton. Dispels my fear that the players (and possibly coaching staff) failed to prepare psychologically for a game against a ‘small’ team. The loss of those three points could prove painfully significant at the end of the season.

    Good that Carlos isn’t taking anything for granted re Saturday. Leeds might be a new project in the making with just one point so far, but they may be learning by experience and this could be the game where they start to click.

    PS great pic of the Kop at the Brighton play off semi home leg! I’ll be carrying my torch of hope on Saturday!

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