PRESS PASS: Carvalhal grounded but optimistic about Arsenal

PRESS PASS: Carvalhal grounded but optimistic about Arsenal

This weekend brings with it Halloween, a time of both treats and tricks. One team hopeful for an early treat however is Sheffield Wednesday.

As is the way with the cup, most of the focus has been on Wednesday, given that Arsenal are the favourites. That being said, in the cup anything can happen, which is a point firmly put forward by Wednesday legend and fan favourite Jose Semedo.

He believes that Wednesday are onto something special, and that “with the backing of our fans, we will believe.

“We are not nervous because we know that with the fans on our side it is like having an extra man.”

The ever faithful Juggernaut with the boss

The ever faithful Juggernaut with the boss

Semedo has spent a fair few seasons with Wednesday now, but he admits that this is closest they’ve been to mounting a credible challenge towards promotion.

“If you look at last season, it was the first season we were truly looking up the table, rather than down it. This season is no different, we are looking towards promotion”.

This kind of belief is undoubtedly an asset when playing against a team like Arsenal, and as mentioned previously, the cup is a different beast to league games, something which Semedo reiterated “Look at Bradford City against Manchester City, they caused an upset.

Results like that give other teams belief that they can do something special, and that attitude is something we need to take into tomorrow’s game.”

Whilst games like this don’t come along too often for Sheffield Wednesday nowadays, Carlos Carvalhal remains cool headed and made no mistake in telling everyone that he is treating this game like any other game.

Carlos: set to make changes

Carlos: set to make changes

“I have not approached this is a different way to any of the previous games” stated Carvalhal, with the kind of calmness and consideration he’s becomes associated with.

“For us, it is a big game no doubt, and of course we go into this knowing full well Arsenal are favourites, but we must remain grounded.

The way football works, you can never truly get stuck in the present because it can change so fast.” Carvalhal also maintained that, as this point in the cup, he would treat a victory against Arsenal as just another result.

“We have earned our place in the cup, that is true, but until the semi finals and final, there are no special results, we would treat it as a good victory as it against a good team, but then move on”.

It would be entirely plausible to percieve Carvalhal’s comments as slightly negative, but his comments seem to be more ones of calmness and ones designed to keep the team, and fans, grounded.

As 35,000 fans prepare for what is definitely the biggest, and could be one of the best, games at Hillsborough since the 1990s, the words of Carlos Carvalhal will echo around the ground.

“We have a chance, it may only be a small chance but it is still a chance, of getting a postive result and then going on to do something special, and all the players know that.

When I came to Sheffield Wednesday, I knew it was a club known by many, and a club that has fallen in recent years, but this is why I came. I want us to try and do something special”.

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