I’m Danny, the bloke who ended up on Owls Alive after having a discussion about all things Wednesday with one of the forum users on an ice hockey messageboard and being invited over to the wonderful place that is OA.

I’m from Doncaster and started regularly attending games in 2001 with me buying my first ever season ticket in 2004 after the second worst finish in our history.

Favourite Wednesday Goal for me has to be THAT Matt Hamshaw strike against Watford and my all time favourite Wednesday day is the 29th May 2005 – that game still brings a smile to my face now even though I got no sleep the night before the game or the night after in all honesty!

This season I’m writing the match previews for Owls Alive hoping to bring a bit of insight and hopefully a bit of cash to those of you brave enough to follow the betting tips of a man who has a gambling problem, said problem being I’m notoriously bad at it!