BLOG | Will the real Carlos please stand up?

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“It is important for our supporters that they watch their team play attractive, aggressive and entertaining football. Carlos buys in...

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Ramble: Derby -v- Wednesday

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I must confess I’ve only been the once before. I afforded myself the luxury of a lie-in but didn’t do a lot but think about the game. I...

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BLOG | “It’s still twenty pounds” – early season review

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Eleven games in, sixteen points accrued. Wednesday sit in roughly the same position as they have in each of the previous two...

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DERBY BUILD-UP | “The Odd Couple”

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So, after a five year wait, we arrive at the old familiar feeling of Steel City derby week. It is an odd week filled with many nerves, but...

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BLOG | A View From John Street

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We caught up with John Osborne, author of the excellent View From The John Street, to get the low-down on United and their season so...

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BLOG | Derby Day Memories

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Here we are then: the Steel City Derby. After five and a half years waiting, it’s back. Many cannot wait to be rid of it again. For...

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