The Wednesday Week – FFP Podcast

The Wednesday Week – FFP Podcast

Our much-loved resident statistician Peter (@ploehmann) has recorded a special edition of The Wednesday Week podcast.

The popular podcast has delivered over 160 episodes and this particular hour serves as a follow up to ‘FFP explained’ – a January recording that explored Financial Fair Play and its implications for Wednesday.

This week’s edition, featuring James Allen of Owls Americast and TWW regular James Marriott, looks at the recent publishing of the club accounts and their implications for Wednesday going forward.

As well some significant number crunching, Peter offers his thoughts on strategy going forward, warning Wednesdayites that at least one season of consolidation is required.

Technicalities such as player amortisation are explained, as well as some common FFP loopholes that could see the club meet regulations by the very skin of their teeth.

Peter summarises the coming summer as follows:

“We will need to sell players.

“But it won’t be a firesale if we do it right.

“And maybe the change of strategy, that has been forced upon us, if for the better anyway: building the foundations of success, bringing through youngsters and signing players in the early part of their careers, instead of spending all that money on has-beens.”

Could Chansiri go hell-for-leather this summer in one final attempt at promotion? Or could the unthinkable happen and Wednesday suffer relegation? What happens then?

You can answer all these questions and more by listening to the The Wednesday Week – click here.

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