What Wednesday means to me – new contributors

What Wednesday means to me – new contributors

Here at OwlsAlive towers, we’re always striving to keep the website fresh and maintain the high standard of writing that we are proud to share.

Recent seasons have seen a number of new regular contributors, some bringing their own features.

This season is no different, as we welcome two new members to the OA team.

We set them a challenge: to describe what Sheffield Wednesday means to them in 250 words or less.

This should set the pre-season juices flowing.



“Waiting for your dad to pick you up in the freezing November weather.

Moaning that there’s no pies at half time.

Moaning that there’s no merchandise in the club shop to spend your wages on.

Moaning in genera

But then you remember…

You remember that bicycle kick by Di Piedi. That run from Hamshaw. That header by Kuqi. That save by Westwood. That turn from Forestieri.

I can forgive fans sometimes for forgetting themselves and the current team they support. I can also forgive them for forgetting what the current state of our club is now to that which was served a winding up order just seven years ago.

For all the dross I’ve endured since my inception in the late 90s and the early 2000s, I remember the flashes of brilliance that keep me coming back for more.

And there’s a greater light at the end of the tunnel.

This is how it feels to be Wednesday

This club is going places. The squad is stronger than ever.

Financially stable, with an ambitious chairman and head coach leading a team driven by success.

All of a sudden, being a Wednesdayite starts to mean something else.

It means leaving work early so you can make it to S6.

Bumping into your old pals in The Rawsons before heading down.

‘Waterfront’s playing, best sup up and get up there.’

Walking up the stairs, glancing at the clock, the away end, then at the Kop.

No one does it quite like Wednesday.”

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“My whole family hails from Sheffield, despite no longer living in the Steel City, there’s nowhere I’d rather call home.

My love of Sheffield stems from my love of football, my love of Sheffield Wednesday.

From an early age my dad dragged me to endless games, which I used to find more boring than anything.

Somehow it never occurred to me that I should actually watch the game until I was 13, during the relegation season of 2009-10.

Admittedly, not the best first season to fully experience, but from that moment I was hooked.

Beyond simple enjoyment of the sport itself, there’s a special feeling that comes with the beautiful game.

Special feeling

Despite all the pains of missing out on penalties and suffering cruel relegation at the hands of financially-stricken Crystal Palace, most fans like myself spend the weekdays brimming with excitement for Saturday (or Friday/Sunday nowadays, cheers Sky).

Nothing beats the buzz of excitement on match day, the surge of joy when your favourite player buries a screamer.

Supporting Wednesday isn’t just following a football team, celebrating the goals, it’s being part of the family.

Throughout it all you’re never alone, thousands of fellow Owls share the unbelievable highs of Kieran Lee scoring a 96th minute winner against Bristol City and the sickening lows of Diame scoring the goal of his life at Wembley.

The love of Sheffield Wednesday binds us all together, people from all walks of life, in one clan.

That’s what it means to be an Owl.”

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