The Wednesday Week launch clothing range

The Wednesday Week launch clothing range

The lads and lasses over at The Wednesday Week have nailed AW 16.

Our friends at TWW have launched their own clothing range, featuring phrases and quotes associated with the popular podcast.

Wednesday themes, fan fashion. Oh yes.

Listeners can now purchase tees and hoods emblazoned with classic lines such as: “Can we talk about Wolves away?”, “I’m on Vic’s List”, “BOSH”, “Barry Chuffing Bannan” and more.

Those hardcore fans can even buy a shirt with cartoon faces of the show’s ‘stars’ on them too.

If you want people to know that you waste an hour of your week listening to Lord Hillsborough, Fudge, Eddie, James, Dicky and Victoria ranting, then this is for you.

All money raised will go back into the podcast and into making it better for listeners.


Supporting independent ‘Wednesday’ content is good, remember


Panelist Victoria said: “I was just playing about and managed to create a shop.

“I started off doing it properly and then ended up getting bored writing the descriptions, so some of those are pretty half-arsed too.

The Wednesday Week would like to thank @AdamNich for his design genius.”

Prices start at £19 and they’re actually really nice. No, seriously.


Wednesday Week – she loved me (Google it)

Delivery is cheap and returns are free, so if your Dad doesn’t want a Lord H tee for Christmas, you can send it back. The gear is ethically produced too, which is very cool indeed.

Supporting the other Wednesday fanzines and sites is important to us at here at Owls Alive HQ (my bedroom).

Any independent group that can make voices heard is vital to the ongoing success of football clubs at a time when certain club owners are becoming increasingly distant.

So, yeah, support The Wednesday Week. They’re a great bunch. Their shop can be found here.

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