The HUMONGOUS Sheffield Wednesday Cryptic Quiz – COMPLETE WITH ANSWERS

The HUMONGOUS Sheffield Wednesday Cryptic Quiz – COMPLETE WITH ANSWERS

OK, after the good response to the MASSIVE Wednesday picture quiz…and some unkind comments amongst those responses, I’ve decided to give you another dose of warpedness.

This time, no pictures, just cryptic clues to work out and lead you to famous Wednesday players and because it’s Steel City Derby week, I’ve included a bonus 5 from the dark side.

You will have to think literally, laterally and ludicrously…the clues may not be in the right order so you with some you may have to work them out and switch them around….Oh yeah and I WILL take as many liberties as I see fit.

I am fully expecting more abuse when you work these out and just as before, I make no apologies for the terrible clues or you not knowing certain things either because you’re too old or too young. TOUGH!

Stop ya mytherin’ and gerron with it!

25 Wednesday Heroes

1   JR Hagman Might
2  A male cat from Sunderland is friends with Berts best mate
3  A bloodsucker that plays the Guinness instrument dude
4  Caress Monarch
5  Stash away dull meat
7  A chicken can stretch to Tarzan
8  Flexible Istanbulian opens wide for dreary leg joint
9  Sunny Spot
10  Convenient Kiosk
11  Flood vessels for mandible and patella
12  Of a march as the French might say
13  Gone native about the Hebrew fishing tackle
14  Boring intake of breath is foolish
15  Jump up and listen for a doodle doer
16  A mute fella is prostrate before telling dirty jokes with solar powered sticky stuff
17  Sing a prayer about a waterway and comedy legend
18  The sun destroys the womans ice kingdom
19  Ripped rodent made the cat happy
20  Relish the todger
21  A hooker stands under a date tree behind a paper container
22  Gently shove into Hades. It’s the dukes area
23  Give breadcake applause as the tusk belongs to Mr Diamond
24  Ringin’ Mae
25  Roughage happily eaten on the ocean

And just because it’s the build up to the Steel City Derby…

Here’s a few from our porcine neighbours

1  A conveyance for a girl is waiting where the boats come in
2  The head of the faculty cups her sweet potatoes in her underwear
3  Using a long piece of wood with rats and mice to break through the frozen water?
 Mark my words, use a paddle
4  A tale about a cooker that is paid for with a paddle by snobs
5  Seeing it ripped makes you squeal with fear so be quick


25 Wednesday Heroes

1 Larry May  JR(Larry) > Hagman Might > (May)
2 Tom Macanearny  Tom (Cat) Makem Ernie > (Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street)
3 Lee Chapman  Leech Harp Man
4 Phil King  Feel King
5 Graham Hyde  Gray Ham Hide
6 Bob Bolder
7 Henry Chapman  Hen Reach Apeman
8 Benito Carbone  Bendy Turk Aaah Bore Knee
9 Mark Bright
10 Andy Booth
11 Jonnie Harkes  Jaw Knee Arks
12 Des Walker
13 Rodger Wylde  Rod Jew Wild
14 Yohan Folly  Yawn Folly
15 Lee Peacock  Leap Ear Cock
16 Guylain Ndumbu Nsungu  Guy Layin Dumb Blue and Sun Glue
17 Imre Vradi  Hymn River (Oliver) > Hardy
18 Mel Sterland  Melts Her Land
19 Tommy Spurr  Tore Mice Purr
20 Willie Henderson
21 Carlton Palmer  Carton Palm Whore
22 Nigel Pearson  Nudge Hell Peers Zone
23 Roland Nilsson  Roll Hand < (Applaud) Neils > (Diamond) Horn
24 Colin West  Callin (Mae) > West
25 Brian Joycey  Bran Joy Sea

And those bonus 5 Blades answers…

1  Carl Asaba  Car Lass Harbour
2  Brian Deane  Bra Yam Deane
3  Paul Peshisolido  Pole Pest Ice Hole Heed Oar
4  Jan Age Fjortoft  Yarn Aga Fee Oar Toffs
5  Tony Curry  Torn Eeek! Hurry

And that’s ya lot.

I don’t think I stretched anything too much there and they were all easily gettable…I’m sure you all got them very quickly.

OK…any death threats, could you send them on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope please.

Hope you had fun working them out…and just as much fun finding out the answers

Owls Alive
TWITTER: @OwlsAlive or @Beastie_

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