Wednesday and the Premier League: Lure of the Lucre

Wednesday and the Premier League: Lure of the Lucre

As a 27 year old Wednesdayite; I’ve known more bad than good. My Dad took me to my first game aged 4, lifting me over the turnstiles at Bath City’s Twerton Park where Tricky Trevor scored the winner in a 1-0 win against Bristol Rovers back in 1990.

As I grew older, I took our place in the top tier of English football and Wembley trips for granted. We would always be on Match of the Day and now again, one of my heroes was a poster in Shoot! that I could stick on my wall.

But I’m not bitter – I love my club and live in the hope that some day we shall return.  Once we do get there, the supporters will have their reward for their loyal, unwavering support – they are in the Premiership… but what of the players that got us there?

As teams get promoted, more and more managers dip into the foreign market and, more often than not, end up panic buying their way into financial trouble simply because they think the players that got them there aren’t good enough for the step up.

I went through the current Wednesday crop and counted 3, maybe 4 at a push that could, in my opinion, cut it in the Premier League – Kirkland, Buxton, Antonio (fully fit)… Gardner? Surely the players themselves are actually aware of this throughout the season – does it affect their desire to win and get promoted knowing that they most probably won’t actually get to play in the Premier League? I don’t doubt the desire from the likes of Lines, Madine, Semedo et al when they made the step-up but self-belief only goes so far.

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You’ll never get past….

It must be soul destroying to know that all your hard work, talent and determination in a promotion season and indeed your career goes unrewarded as you’re barged out of the team by someone with a higher price tag than you, getting the odd run out in the cup competitions.

Of the players in the jubilant dressing rooms of Cardiff, Hull and Palace shown in May, 5, 4 and 5 respectively, played last weekend. Meaning well over half the starting 11 has changed. At least 50% of the lads that got them up have moved on, are in the reserves or are warming the bench.

Sure the fans won’t forget you and you’ll always go down as a ‘legend’ in their eyes (Semedo) but what about your ambition to play in the best league in the world?

The fans sing, “We are going up” to the players. In reality, that chant is only half true as, in the do or die arena of the Premier League, there’s no room for sentiment.

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