BLOG | Derby Day Memories

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Here we are then: the Steel City Derby. After five and a half years waiting, it’s back. Many cannot wait to be rid of it again. For...

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PREVIEW | Cardiff -v- Wednesday

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Consecutive wins in the space of four days have somewhat changed the complexion of Wednesday’s early season form. Only four sides...

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PRESS | ‘We need to stand up to Cardiff’ – Carlos

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It was all quite downbeat at today’s press conference until Ross Wallace bounces in, somewhat later than advertised, surveys the revamped...

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RAMBLE | Wednesday 2-1 Brentford

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Some night matches are magical. Some of my best memories of supporting Sheffield Wednesday have been at evening matches; early memories of...

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PREVIEW: Wednesday -v- Brentford

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Kieran Lee’s return on Saturday helped catalyze a Wednesday side who, thus far, had struggled to fizz. The victory over Nottingham...

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