PACT CHRISTMAS APPEAL: Let’s be quick Wednesday fans!

PACT CHRISTMAS APPEAL: Let’s be quick Wednesday fans!


I got a phone call from Beryl at PACT today, to see if I was OK…can you believe that?
To see if I was OK…
This woman is just incredible, she really is… I’m telling ya now, you have to go a long way to find folk like this and we have Beryl right on our doorstep helping make Sheffield a better place.

Anyroad…we got around to talking about the ward party at Sheffield Childrens Hospital for the PACT kids

I love PACT…I love the people who work there that don’t get the praise and thanks they deserve and I especially love the families and kids I’ve met through our involvement with this…these are special kids and wonderful, truly wonderful families.

Anyway…it’s not like me to ramble on and get side-tracked but I told her I’d mentioned it in passing and already got some money in….

Beautiful people

What I needed to know was, is it too late to make a difference and could she really use it?

She said the kids party on the ward is December 20th and anything we could provide would be greatly appreciated…I told her it might only be about £100 quid as it’s late and folk are feeling the pinch…

‘It doesn’t matter…anything at all is always a great help’ she said.

Right I’ll see what folk think then….

Again, I make absolutely no apology for springing this on you but I’d like to get at least a couple of hundred quid in for that party on the ward where there’s gonna be around 12-20 kids spending most of December and over Christmas in hospital so if you feel the urge…

Send anything at all to the Owls alive PAYPAL account

I mean that…it doesn’t matter how small a donation, it’s all relative, whatever you can afford will help….

This is part of Sheffield…it’s your place, your folk, kids of your friends, your relatives and neighbours…YOUR COMMUNITY!

Let’s put a smile on the faces of the kids and you get to feel really good about it…and when ya next hug ya kids you can think about this.


Thank you…

Owls Alive
TWITTER: @OwlsAlive or @beastie_

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