Owls Alive and PACT: Wednesday fans at their best

Owls Alive and PACT: Wednesday fans at their best

We’ve now just completed our third PACT Christmas party and the generosity of Owls alive members and followers on Twitter is just incredible.

At the beginning of December I handed over £800 to Beryl to sort out the presents for the PACT kids….that was when she asked if it would be OK if they used some of the money for something else.

The play specialist on the PACT ward at Sheffield Childrens Hospital had asked her if they could use some of the cash towards a new large screen TV and Beryl asked me if the people who had donated would mind…

I really couldn’t see a problem with it at all, in fact it made it even better as it was a longer lasting present that more kids would get something from.

I told Beryl that as far as we were concerned, the money raised was for them to do as they saw fit, to bring as much happiness to the PACT kids as possible…if this fits the bill, then do it.

As she pointed out though, we’d raised an outstanding amount, way above what any of us had expected and using half of the money would be easily enough to cover presents for the kids, leaving the rest for the new TV.


Beryl sent us this letter

Dear Steve and friends at Owlsalive

Thank you for your wonderful donation of £800.00 to PACT this Christmas. As discussed with you, we have used this money to buy a TV and bracket for the newly refurbished playroom on Ward M3 and presents for the children for the Christmas Party. Could you please pass on our heartfelt thanks to everyone who raised this money for us and helped to make the lives of the children being treated that little bit better.

We would also like to thank you for your kindness in providing some of our families with tickets for Sheffield Wednesday matches and also treating them to items from the shop. They really appreciate the opportunity to go to the matches and also your kindness in looking after them so well.

Your continued support to the children and families is fantastic and is greatly appreciated, thank you. We would also like to wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Yours sincerely

Beryl Welburn

PACT Co-ordinator

It’s been a great year for Owls Alive and PACT…

Throughout the year we’ve had football matches against our internet friends and rivals Owlsonline and we’ve had the annual Owls Alive Golf Classic, both have raised money towards the PACT fund and together with the £800 cash handed over for Christmas we’ve had a total in excess of £1000

That’s an incredible amount, even more when you consider how small a group of people we are and whether you’ve donated £10 or £100 (or more) then I thank every single one of you.

Some of that £1000 has been used alongside this years other PACT venture, the Elite Ticket Swap.

You can find out more about that initiative HERE.

Tim Lycett was one of the Wednesday fans to get involved with the elite Ticket Swap. Tim contacted me through Twitter…He had dates when he couldn’t make use of his Season Ticket and converted them to paper tickets so that a PACT family could use them. He arranged to meet me at the recent Oldham game and he handed them over…he included the promised tickets for the Huddersfield game and the bonus of tickets for the Tranmere game too…

Just like all the previous tickets that people on owls Alive and on Twitter have kindly donated they were put to good use…The Huddersfield tickets were used by Issabelle and her family again.

I know we like to spread them out a little so a lot of families get the use but Issabelle has been very poorly and continues with her treatment into 2012…

As far as I’m concerned she and her family are now close friends of Owls Alive and because of what they’ve had to go through of late I think they deserve the extra break.

Mindst you, that goes for everyone we’ve met through this scheme. They will visit more than once as this is not intended as a once only offer to any of them and with me being  a big soft sod I do get very attached to them all.

The last time they came we used some of the cash to buy Issabelle and her brother Ben new Wednesday shirts, (See Orient Ramble) just as we’d done with Ellie and her brother at a previous game (See Colchester Ramble)

In January we got more tickets from kind hearted Wednesday fans and young Billy and his family came to the Charlton game. (Charlton Ramble)

They loved it and again, what a smashing family they are. Along with those tickets we had a couple of extra donations of cash  which enabled us to buy Billy and his younger brother Wilf a new Wednesday shirt.

What a pair those two lads are! Absolutely full of life and as bubbly and loveable as you like.

If you speak to these families, if you see the look on the faces of the kids, you would be in no doubt at all how much this all means to them. Gary and Liz, Billys Mam and Dad couldn’t say thank you enough and wanted everyone to know, to fully understand how much they really appreciate all this. As Liz said ‘It makes you realise how kind people are and that you’re not alone in all this’

The money and tickets that people have donated and continue to donate goes a long way and it’s been my real privilege to not only be a part of it all but to actually meet these wonderful kids and the incredible families…and the hard working people at PACT like Beryl, who seems to have more energy and incredible spirit than everyone else put together.

This is all down to YOU.

You donate, you give your time, your cash and tickets and I get the good stuff. I get to meet them.

Thank you.

Keep it coming!

This is an ongoing friendship.

Recently I’ve had a lot of contact with Helen at Wednesdayite. Helen runs the SMILE tickets for them and when there haven’t been Season Tickets available for PACT she has very kindly arranged tickets for them. It’s another fantastic example of Wednesday fans working together and helping each other out in an effort to get families that have been having a rough time of it to Wednesday games at Hillsborough.

If you feel you know someone who has been having a difficult time of late and they deserve a break then get in touch with Helen or Wednesdayite. (CLICK for Wednesdayite SMILE)

Owls Alive
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