PACT Christmas 2010

PACT Christmas 2010

For the second year running now Owls Alive has maintained it’s close link with PACT at Sheffield Childrens Hospital and this time around we managed to raise £550 to put towards buying presents for the children that are on the ward (Ward M3) recovering from illness or receiving treatment.

These are the kids who were unable for various, obvious reasons, couldn’t make the main party a few weeks earlier.

Considering the short amount of time we had to raise this money, due my own ineptness and forgetfulness more than anything else this is an incredible amount. I’m immensely proud of our connection with PACT and even more of the fact that we can raise such an amount in such a short space of time.

A special round of thanks for those from Owls Alive and Owlsonline who played a footy match and from that donated £135 towards the total.

I know everyone at PACT, especially the kids, appreciates the contribution and I hope we can maintain this bond for a good while yet.

If you’ve contributed to this or any of our PACT fundraisers in the past then thank you. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. I know times are hard for most of us at the moment so for you to dip into your own pockets and give to others during this period is very generous of you.

Thanks also to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club for arranging for players to visit the kids on the ward…even more thanks to Tommy Spurr and Mark Beevers for being those players and giving freely of their time.

This is the second successive year these two young players have done this for PACT and they are a credit to the club and their families.

They don’t just turn up as part of their club duties; they do it willingly and with great energy and enthusiasm. They stay well beyond what is really expected of them and the kids genuinely love it and enjoy their company.

I recently received this letter of thanks from Beryl Welburn the PACT coordinator…

Dear Steve and friends of Owlsalive,

Thank you for your wonderful donation of £550 to PACT which we have used to buy Christmas presents for the children for the Ward M3 Christmas Party.

Could you please pass on your thanks to everyone who helped raise money for us, it is much appreciated.

The party went really well today and it was great to see all the childrens faces light up when they opened their presents from Santa.

Thank you also for arranging for Mark Beevers and Tommy Spurr to come along and visit the children at the party. The children and families had a fantastic time and it was lovely for them to spend time with Mark and Tommy who were more than happy to play with the children and their new toys.

Thank you for making the party really special for all the children and are sorry you could not make it to join in yourself.

Your continued support to the children is greatly appreciated, thank you.

May we also take this opportunity of wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Thanks again to all who helped with making this possible and have yourselves a wonderful year throughout 2011

Owls Alive
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