PACT Christmas 2009

PACT Christmas 2009

Well it was a busy time for everyone over at PACT HQ and both Beryl and Jill worked themselves to a standstill…all to make sure the kids had a cracking Christmas Party, not just at the main party but also on the ward a week later where those kids unable to get out due to receiving treatment, had their own mini party.

I really hope both Beryl and Jill had a fabulous Christmas and had a well-deserved rest.

Thanks to the generosity of Owls Alive members and folk who read this website we were able to provide every single one of the kids a gift voucher and also managed to get enough together so that those kids stuck in hospital had a bit extra too.

In total we managed to raise £920 and for that to come from such a small group of people it’s absolutely tremendous, well done and thank you to everyone that donated.

It doesn’t stop there though.
Titchy (Richard Hoyland) read the initial request for donations and put it to his bosses at work to see if they could get involved too.
Well they did….and how!

This is what Titchy had to say after delivering the cash collected from work….

“It was a pleasure to meet Beryl today. She’s a fantastic lady and it made me proud to be able to hand over the £1,108.40 collected from my colleagues at VOW Europe Ltd. Let me put that total in perspective… last year we raised £650 for the Children’s Hospital and we thought that was good. In the 7 years I’ve been working there the total has always been around £300-£400 so Christ knows what’s gone on this year. It certainly helped that we had loads of toy samples this year like Ben 10 and spud guns and that (I bought one myself to shoot our lass with) but I would have never imagined that we’d reach that much.”

So between us, from that tentative first request and in a matter of only a few weeks, we managed to raise just over £2000.

I can’t put into words how incredible that is but once again, well done to everyone, on the board, readers of this website and the incredibly generous folk at VOW Europe.

Rest assured it is all genuinely appreciated and will all be put to good use.

Here’s hoping for a good 2010 for all at PACT and everyone, staff, parents and the kids, all have our love and best wishes for the future.
I hope we can continue to help.

Owls Alive

Here’s some photo’s of the party which included an appearance by Tommy Spurr and Mark Beevers who to their credit were only due to stay an hour but stayed a lot longer…they seemed to enjoy themselves and the kids loved having them around.


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