OWLS ALIVE/PACT The Elite Ticket Swap

OWLS ALIVE/PACT The Elite Ticket Swap

Owls Alive Elite Ticket Swap

How it started:

Recently Owls Alive member and Wednesday Season Ticket holder Elite Owl (Dave) approached me to say he was going on holiday and would PACT be interested in using his season ticket for the two games he was missing?

What he proposed was for him to convert those two games to matchday tickets and for us to hand them over to families at PACT that would enjoy a bit of a diversion watching Wednesday.
While he sorted converting the tickets and posting them on to me I got in touch with Beryl at PACT to see if she had anyone in mind that would like to take Dave up on his kind offer…

‘Leave it with me’ she said

Within an hour or so she had a couple of families that were very keen to use them and within 24 hours I’d been in touch with both families to arrange for them to get tickets to watch Wednesday take on Notts County and Scunthorpe.

The great thing about this was that Dave had 2 adult tickets and an under 18 so it was the perfect family combination.

The first family has already seen that Notts County game and enjoyed a cracking Wednesday win, hopefully it will be the same outcome for the Scunthorpe match.

It occurred to me that this idea didn’t need to stop here…it was just too good to let pass by.

There must be loads of Wednesday fans that don’t even think about their season ticket when they go on holiday. Sure enough some will hand on to mates or family and some will even sell them to get some cash back towards the original cost and all those things are good ideas but for those of us that don’t have anyone to pass them onto we now have an opportunity to not only do that but to give a family who may have been under a considerable amount of stress and strain a little moment away from it all. Though watching Wednesday has driven most of nuts over the years.

Owls Alive has a great relationship with PACT and we’ve always admired the great work they all do. In the past we’ve bought season tickets for PACT to use for families and staff and we’ve bought season tickets for an entire family. In the current economic climate it’s difficult to do that now but we will continue to help at Christmas for the Christmas party and now we have another way to help out…

How you can help:

If you have a Season Ticket and are going on holiday or won’t be using it for whatever reason and would like someone at PACT to be able to use it then we want to hear from you.

It will involve you going to the ticket office at Hillsborough and asking to convert the game you’ll miss into actual matchday tickets, don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything to do this, just your time and a little effort.

Once you’ve done this you can either send them to me and I will pass them onto Beryl at PACT or I can meet up to collect the tickets and pass them on, on your behalf.

It doesn’t matter how many tickets you have either. If you only have one and PACT have more than one person who would like a ticket, or a full family that obviously want to sit together then Owls Alive will sort out buying extra tickets and we will arrange for families to be seated together. We want to ensure as many PACT families that want to go DO go.

This is a great chance for you to get involved and it costs you nothing other than a little effort to change the tickets.

I make no apologies for asking every Owls fan to get behind this scheme.

If you feel you can help then please get in touch.


Owls Alive
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