PACT and Owls Alive; Friendship Starts Here…

PACT and Owls Alive; Friendship Starts Here…

On Friday 3rd July we finally had enough cash in the Owls Alive PACT fund to be able to get the two sets of Season Tickets we’d been aiming for.
An adult, an under 18 and under 8 for PACT and another set of the same for Matthew Slade and his family.

I have to be honest here, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do this…I thought we’d get one ticket easily but any more than that was just too much.

For a message board with 300 users and only around 25% active users I thought it might be a push too far…

L to R: Beryl, Hollie, JFD, Matt, Beastie, Dawn, Tony…and Jude behind the camera.

Well, some people have donated twice and been very, very generous, they helped boost us right up to our target.

That is nothing short of outstanding and something that makes me feel very proud of the membership of Owls Alive and the good feeling that this initiative has created amongst us all.
It’s not JUST down to Owls Alive forum members though, there’s been one or two who have followed us on the front site at Owls and on Twitter and they’ve acted on the updates I’ve posted, my thanks to each and every one of you for joining in, especially in the current economic climate. I know it’s not easy for any of us at the moment and it makes it even more laudable that you’ve all not just paid lip service to this but actually got off your arses and done something about it.

Anyway, on Friday I arranged to meet up with Jude and Beryl from PACT, Hollie was coming with me and JFD was able to come along to help represent the Owls Alive members…Also…I’d asked Matthew’s mam Dawn if they could come along…I told her what we were doing…this was news to them BTW. I didn’t want to make them a promise if we didn’t reach the target.

Matthew you might remember is the young lad who has spent time with PACT when he had Leukaemia and is now in remission. Owls Alive members paid for him and his family to attend the last game of the season against Cardiff and help present the trophy to Marcus Tudgay…a day he’ll never forget.

Dawn, said they could make it…but she hadn’t told Matthew what it was about, she told him it was just for photo’s for PACT…He’s used to that sort of stuff these days.

I was running a little late due to the downpour and the traffic on the motorway so by the time I arrived at the club shop, everyone else was there and so was Trevor Braithwaite to take a picture for the programme and Carol Axe who was there from the club to sort the tickets out.

Absolute top kudos and gold plated urinals to the club for giving us the tickets at the earliest application date prices and to Carol for letting us run riot on the kop testing out the view from the various seats available…

Matt thought he was checking out the seats for PACT and for the use of everyone else, he STILL didn’t realise the seats he was looking at were for him.

He decided he wanted the seats at the side of Hollie and me and down with our motley crew at the front…and no matter how much his dad Tony tried to steer him upwards for a better view, he was adamant these were the best ones

I DID tell him it was the worst view in the ground and when the weather was bad it was freezing sitting there and when it rained we always got wet…there was nowhere to hide…He wasn’t bothered.

When we told him they were actually for him and his family and not for PACT he was a bit shell shocked…I still think he doesn’t fully understand what it means…he was chuffed though and come the first game of the season he’ll fully realise just what it is to be part of the Wednesday family….the highs AND lows….He couldn’t have asked for a better first match as a Season Ticket holder though could he?

The other Season Tickets were a different matter…down at the front wasn’t going to be any good if the kids attending the games were still having treatment at the hospital or were a little under the weather, they needed to be out of the elements as much as possible and we decided in the end on Row S just up behind Jude right at the back of the kop.

It’s a lot warmer, always dry and a cracking view.

If any of the kids wanted to come down the front when it was warm, there’s usually space near us so it wouldn’t be a problem.

I have to stress to everyone now the tickets donated to PACT are for ANYONE there…kids, families of kids AND staff.
As Beryl said it’s a cracking idea and a wonderful thing you’ve all chosen to be involved in…it will give a massive boost to families at a stressful time, to be able to just go to the footy for free and not worry about owt, take a moment out of it all…and for the staff who do an absolutely outstanding job, both paid staff and unpaid volunteers. It’s a way that we can say thank you to them for all their efforts.

Of course the double kicker for all this for us as Wednesday fans is that we’re also helping our club with more Season ticket sales.

Again I told Beryl that Owls Alive will now be tied to PACT, well, for as long as they want really…I can’t see any reason why we’d want to break off the partnership and anytime we can help we will if we can.
If any more cash comes into the fund it’ll be kept there for future use.
I’ll be talking to Beryl again and see Jude on a regular basis at footy anyway so we’ll keep in touch and up to date…it may be they need something for the PACT halfway house…they’ll let us know….So don’t worry if you haven’t got round to handing over your donation yet, it’s not too late, it WILL be used and it will be appreciated every bit as much as any other.

I have to thank Lee Strafford for answering my request for help from the club and pointing me in the right direction, to Carol Axe for sorting us at the club and the young lass at the counter for her patience in sorting out all the tickets.
Thanks to Jude as well for her help way back in mentioning this and putting me in touch with Beryl…and Beryl of course, for her outstanding work down at PACT.

Thanks JFD as well matey for looking after folk whilst I got there, top bloke and a cracking bloke to represent Owls Alive.

The Owls Alive/PACT friendship is now in full swing and long may it continue.

Owls Alive

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