About OwlsAlive

Owls Alive has been going quite a while now, over 12 years in fact. BLIMEY! Where does the time go?

We started this website to run alongside the message board, which sadly is no longer going, but that’s progress for you. For some reason this part of Owls Alive hasn’t faltered.

We’ve had some great contributors over the years and when one great member has left we have been very lucky that another one has come in and maintained the high standard of articles associated with this site.

The original articles that got this whole ball rolling were the post match rambles, we added match previews a little later and then more recently the press pass.

I firmly believe that all of these things bring a unique look to football and every one of them from the fans point of view.

We’ve never been slaves to advertisers or felt we’ve had to get in line with what anyone expects from football articles.

We’ve always tried to be open and honest with our views and not follow a corporate line… newspapers, fanzines and other media outlets may have to present things a certain way but we’ve always done it the Owls Alive way…

That was actually the original reason I wrote the first ramble, because of a poor match report in the Mirror.

It didn’t read like the same game that I’d been to and worse than that, it felt cold and lacking in soul.

I never professed, and still don’t, to being able to write well but I thought I could put more feeling into the thing and bring a different angle to it all.

The rambles have had a fair bit of stick over the years, as well as praise to be fair and both are in order, we know we can’t please everyone but the rambles are meant to be something different.

They are MEANT to be a fans view and not simply a ‘match report’. You can get a match report from hundreds of places, thousands of places but only fans can tell you how it felt when we scored… HOW IT FELT! NOT who passed to who and what foot they hit the ball with but how it felt as a fan to watch that ball cross the line and how it felt to share that moment with thousands of other fans.

The rambles are as much about emotion as they are about technical football reporting… in fact MORE about emotion and we try to bring a feeling of what it is like to prepare for a game, the nerves, the routine, the meeting of friends, all of it.

If you’re a footy fan you know match day isn’t JUST about 90 minutes of football and neither are the rambles.

With the previews we try to mix it up and bring you honest opinion, facts, stats and betting, to try and whet your appetite for the game ahead.

The most recent addition to Owls Alive has been the Press Pass and what a success it has been.

Once again we have been blessed by some incredibly talented indivudals attending the press conferences at Hillsborough and their ability to put into words what has been said and what has gone on, with skill, flair and humour has been second to none, rivaling some professional outlets in my opinion and better than a lot too.

All of this we do for free and we do it because we love it, we love Wednesday and we love talking about them.

If you want a sterile matter-of-fact football report then isn’t for you, it never has been.

If however you want to hear it from someone like yourself, warts and all, someone that actually goes to the games, supports the same club as you and loves the same club as you then you should enjoy some of what we do, because you’re the reason we do it.


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