About OwlsAlive

We intend to keep things moving forward at Owls alive and to that end we will continue to add new content and maintain the highstandard of writing on the site. Everyone at Owls Alive gives of their time freely, we make no money at this site.

Owls Alive is in the process of moving forward and embracing all aspects of the internet. We’ll be including pretty much all the Social Networking sites and things will change quite dramatically around here over the coming season. Please bear with us during this transition period.

We’ll be keeping most things that have made Owls Alive what it is but we’ll make a few tweaks to improve some things, drop a few others that didn’t work and try new ways to entertain and inform you.

We will continue our close association with PACT and and news or involvement will be reported here and on the messageboard. PLEASE get involved, we and THEY need all the help we/they can get.

If you feel the urge to get involved in any way, either a one off or regular basis then get in touch.

It’s a site by the fans for the fans…after all…IT’S THE FANS THAT COUNT!